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Going to the countryside with Dad to see my grandparents tomorrow. I'm gonna have to wake up early to get to Kyoto  by 8:50am. orz So if you guys see my twittering when people are getting up, please yell at me to get bed.

I am not going to bring my laptop up there. It will be a good time to have a break. There will be photos and I'll write down stuff to post about.
I'll try to check Twitter on my phone, assuming I can get a signal all the way out there. XD

Went to Den Den Town with Runah, since she leaves Monday with Chelsey. Got a copy of Vol. 2 of "Saint Young Men" and one doujinshi. Even with getting my General Deposit back today (about 100USD),  I held back on getting a Nitro + Chiral game. (Though Sweet Pool looks incredibly promising!)

Now I'm just gonna try get to episode 50 of yakipan, and make some playlists since it will take several hours to get to my grandparents' house.
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So today was the last day of Golden Week.

On Monday, I went to Umeda for Yodobashi Camera, one of the nation-wide electronics stores. I bought me an electronic Japanese-English dictionary. Yes, the DS Kanji dictionary is nice, it does have it's limits. Plus, when translating texts, it's always good to have multiple resources. Now, inside Y.C., there's Osaka's JUMP SHOP. That's where particular items, mostly not sold in Animate stores are. Mostly bought keychains for more souviners/gifts.

Today, I decided to meet up with Runah since I wanted to mess around one last time before I have to back to classes. So we went to Den Den Town. I hadn't been to Melon Books in a while and recently discovered their new floor which was dedicated BL, doujins and what not. And to my surprise, THEY HAD HETALIA ONE COIN FIGURES. Yes, the one's everyone in the fandom wants? I find it funny that Melon Books had them, while at the Animate, which is only half a block away, didn't. I was suprised, they had several boxes. I only bought two, but I'm glad they weren't repeats.
figures, keychain and... )

Also at Melon Books, they had a good share of doujinshis. Though my brain went dead for a second when I found TYL!RyoheixTYL!Xanxus and XanxusxLevi. But seeing that one doujin of where Tsuna's the adult and child!Xanxus is under his care is very cute. I only bought two doujins, since S.C.C. is next week. One's called "How Many Miles to Babylon" by Serohan, which is a series of cute chibi!varia centered 4-koma comics. The way they drew Bester is so cute, I'll have to make icons of them. The other one is by the circle Uzushio and the pairing is XS. No porn, but what I could read, the plot's very interesting.

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