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Fuck everything and I have no fucking idea what to do anymore.

My paranoia and fear of every small game I ever been in is creeping back again with TVK now. It's not just me, but Saori has been hit pretty badly by the chain of events going on. It's tempting to drop but I'm going to try to stick to it. In the case it gets too much...I don't know. 

I'm just gonna go on a slowatus for now. Besides I should focus on Mayfield as well. I have been tempted to app to another game, most likely the Library or maybe Southvale. Again this is all tentative so yeah...

RL wise...I'm surviving. Two of my coworkers that I was pretty close to are leaving the company this week. Honestly, I don't blame them. There's too much stupid shit going on with how things work. I need to stick it out some more though. I need the work experience. Most places prefer seeing people work at a least two years that's why. 

I'll find some way to make it through.
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Hey guys, it's Miki.

Yeah, I joined in on the exodus from LJ, go figure. However, because I know there are still people who are using LJ and unaware that I moved, I'm crossposting it to my original account [livejournal.com profile] sanzo_holic

Right now I'm just poking my head in here just to say I'm alive and what not.

If you guys ever need to contact me, there's a good chance I f-locked my stuff like Plurk so send me a headups so I won't accidentallly reject you because I have no idea who's adding me.

How to Contact a Miki
[Bad username or site: kansaiphones @ plurk.com> AIM: Yamiryu7 <user name=]
[livejournal.com profile] sanzo_holic
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Just read this and I think you'll get my entry for this.

Damnit LJ, normally I'd let some of your stupid decisions slide but this just takes the cake.

Oh sure there's other things I'd talk about here but when you take away something that means a lot to me, you're going to get it.
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Well shit, I haven't update this place since JULY?! Whoops.

So um, I've been surviving work and I made it back from my one week in China back in October.

Honestly, I did need a trip like that. Not only did it help me from over-raging due to work but I think going on that pilgrimage helped to calm me down. It happened at Mt. Jihua, about 6 hours west from Shanghai via bus. It was a group of 40 from the same temple my mom and I go to. Our sensei was supposed to come but she fell sick and insisted we should go regardless. We basically did a lot of temple hopping. I took a lot of photos but I've yet to sort through all....600+ photos I took. Yeah, I basically  TOOK ALL PICTURES.

Some of the temples were up on mountain faces so there were many steps to climb up. To get to the last one, we had to take a cable car up to one of the peaks. Although it wasn't the highest, it's considered the most significant spiritually. It's said one of Jizou's avatars attained enlightenment there after standing in one spot for many days. Because our temple puts Jizou as our patron bodhisattva, we had a small service there. And even though many people had cried when visiting  the temples, it was here I just barely recited because I was just crying. I wrote down all the details in my sketchbook but I'll save that for another day.

So yeah, been surviving work, been introduced to new fandoms like Gambling Apocalypse Kaiji, thanks to RP. 
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 Well, I'm surviving work and barely scraping by RP wise if you want the bare bones of it.

To everyone in my f-list who has graduated or already did this year, congratulations to you all!

I haven't bought a 3DS yet because there always something that comes up that I end up buying so I'm just saving up and just waiting until my b-day comes. Unless there's a 3DS bundle when Ocarina of Time is released, which is pretty much confirmed to not happen. I asked a guy at gamestop about it and yeah...no. But they might be doing something for a new Zelda game. So...wait, you're not gonna bundle a classic game that will definitely get fans buying it....oh well, their lost I guess. Well, that's assuming my DS can hang in there. It still works but I'm just worried about the screens. They're not falling apart to the degree of my old ones, but I have a feeling they're on their way if I'm not careful enough.
I did go to Kawaii Kon on that friday, but I somehow ended up missing some people, but I did get to see a few around too. Plus, I got a Keroro plushie. Remind me to cosplay him for next year's con.
Fandom wise, I recently began reading Berserk. So awesome and yet you really have to wonder what the hell goes through the manga-ka's mind sometimes. I also need to catch up with Gokaiger and Tiger & Bunny.
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Hi guys,

I'm just letting you guys know I'm doing alright. If you didn't know from earlier, I live in Hawaii. We're still in a tsunami warning due to earthquake in Japan. So far, nothing serious on our side but we haven't been given the all clear yet. Everyone's been asked to stay off the street and to be ready if we need to evacuate. There might be an update on the situation in 15 min.

The alarms started at 10pm and since then I haven't slept well. I'll see if I can still use my phone to tweet. If worst comes worst though, could someone please contact the mods at mayfield and bohren if I can't connect to the internet? Well, I'll see you guys later. ;;

Honestly though, I'm more worried about everyone I know in Japan, including my Dad and his family since they live in Tokyo. I would contact him, but given the situation, it's probably better to wait it out when things calmed down a bit.

Thank you everyone for your guys prayers and everything.
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Ask me about any one (or more I don't really care) of my roleplay characters (presently in a game or otherwise), and I will pick at least one of the following to tell you:

(a) three facts about them from my personal headcanon.
(b) a reason they're amazing.
(c) five things that I'd like to see happen to them.
(d) three people that I might ship that character with and why.

Muse list can be found here

Will do a proper update when I'm a little more coherent. :D
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To pay off all my school loans...three times. So that would be around 70,000. Give or take.

I would suffer from Internet withdrawals the most, honestly. It's really my one way of keeping in touch with people since they're mostly on the mainland or just not nearby in general. D: Yeah, Hawaii to many is a great place to live, but fucking sucks if you want to keep in touch with people who aren't there.

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1 ★ Create a graphic (200 x 200 max size) to represent your personal "candy". It should have your username on it, but otherwise can feature whatever you want. Make it something special since it's self-representative.

2 ★ Make a post with the subject "trick or treat?". Put your "candy" somewhere in it, and be sure to repost these instructions.

3 ★ Then, go around other people's LJs and reply to them with either "trick" or "treat". If you reply with "trick", they will give you an LJ dare that you have to perform before taking their candy. If you're too wimpy for that, simply say "treat" and take their candy.

4 ★ List all your collected candies in your original "trick or treat?" post to show off your collection!

Candy! Get your candy here! )
The Candy Stash:

Candy is awesome. )
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It's been more than a month since I updated. Though not much as has happened really.  Still unemployed and all that jazz. I have a job offer but I need to finish up a cover letter as part of the registration. Zippy's hasn't called me back since my first interview but the position is still open. I'm still rather hesitant to call since, I'm not gonna lie, I'm much more comfortable with emailing/texting rather than calling. I actually prefer if people call me instead.

Though today and a for some other days this week, I'll have to help Mom with stuff around at her school since they're getting ready for the new school year. It's mostly updating the computers and also handing out the students their books. It also gets me out of the house, so I am grateful for that.

RP-wise, I was a little slow in learning MM died, but I still have fond memories of it. PV is rather slow and Island I'm doing alright. Though I have been debating about joining another game, though I'm not sure which character and which game I'd go for.

Just about a week ago was my b-day but I haven't really done anything about it. Just waiting for my new debit card to come in so I can buy Psychonauts from Steam since Paypal doesn't want to work with me. :/

Back home

Jun. 1st, 2010 02:29 pm
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In before "baww" but post-college life kinda sucks )
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I'M FOREVER DONE WITH FINALS!!!! And graduation's this Saturday!
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Papers, sentai and...fish sticks and custard? )
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I couldn't help it. Gold/Silver was my favorite generation of Pokemon. Working on meeting Morty, the fourth gym leader, right now, so lots of level grinding before anything else.  Been using my Pokewalker too, but it's more like my roommate's abusing it for her own entertainment. I'm very pleased with this remake, save for the fast leveling and egg producing when it comes to the day care. Seriously, I leave my Eevees there for maybe less than five minutes and they churned out 3 eggs while I was gone.

Well aside from the gaming, I'm trying to get other stuff done too. Mostly thesis and other papers. The next two weeks are gonna kill me. It's mostly because I ended being part of the luau show preview which is a week before the actual luau. And during these two weeks, there will be night rehearsals too. Let's hope I get some homework done during the rehearsals. Also got to get some drawings done for people. On a random note, I've the urge to visit the Oregon Zoo. I guess it would be nice to have animal references if I ever draw them.

First off, I want to appologize to people who said I was going to Sakuracon because I will not be able to go due to money constraints and other shit going on.  I really wanted to go but I messed up on pre-reg, trying to get a ride up and a room. I'm really sorry guys. D:

And if things get too hectic for the next two weeks, I'll probably call a hiatus.
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Getting ready for luau, burnouts and rp? )
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1. Provide a picture and name of 3 people/characters.
2. Label which you would marry, fuck, and kill.
3. Comment to this and I will give you 3 people.
4. Post this meme with your answers.

[livejournal.com profile] ranty_rie  provided me with Squalo, Zaraki, and House.

Marry, Fuck, or Kill ala Fandom(?) )
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The How's My Driving? Meme

Eh, why not even though I have HMD posts for my characters on their journals.

I'll do a decent post this weekend.
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Well, the first week of spring semester's gone. So far, not too bad. There's a lot more reading that usual since I'm taking Medieval History and Japanese Modern Narrative.  Regardless, I have classes with professors I'm familiar with and have fun....sort of. Capstone/Thesis is just going to kick my ass again. Maruki is hoping to have it done before Spring Break. That would help out a lot since school's even more busy due to dance practices and the actual luau night.

I'm still debating about going to Sakura Con because I do want to go, but I'm not sure if my schedule will allow me to do so. OTL

Might have to go into Portland tomorrow to Powell's Books to see if I can get the rest of my texts at a cheaper price. There's four books for history, and three for Narative, but I got the texts needed now for this and next weeks' assignments. Still, it never hurts to read ahead.

Also, I think I managed to destroy my external hard drive, Tsugaru. I'm having the tech people on campus take a look at it. They said there might be a small chance of recovering all my files, but they'll take a better look over the weekend. So yeah, they have my laptop as well, therefore my internet usage/twitter will be limited. Maybe it's for the best for now so I can focus more. I just my laptop back soon.
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Well, I didn't get Independent Study, since Ikeda-sensei thought I didn't need it. So I ended up taking a class about American Pop Culture. It's pretty fun and I can draw back from my pop culture class at Gaidai.

And yes, I gained more fandoms. I don't suppose anyone on my f-list watches Big Bang Theory? Yeah, my roommate and I were introduced to it before the winter break when her brother came by one weekend. We got season 2 and now currently half way through it. Strangely enough, I can find traits of some of the characters with some of my friends.

Also watching Supernatural season 1. It's been a while since I watched some in this genre, next to Mononoke, of course. Tommorrow, after class, my friends and I are going to see "Daybreakers". I'm looking forward to it.

Finally, a meme:
the { first impression } meme
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Out of the warmth of Hawaii and into the cold of Oregon )

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