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The How's My Driving? Meme

Now that's out of the way, five more days until I go back to Oregon~.

Today, the 9-4 shift guy was out, so instead of staying until 1 like I was scheduled, I stayed until four. I still kinda feel dead from despite having dinner and a nice shower. I gotta call it a night eventually, though I'd rather be up RP'ing. Still haven't jumped in to play in Project Verde. orz

No progress with packing tonight either. Though I did manage to get a lot done yesterday, since I had no work. I picked out the doujins I wanted to scan (and maybe one or two I could translate if time allows it??? I'm kinda iffy about cleaning scans and stuff.) I was sad I did miss out on a shamisen concert that happened that afternoon though.

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Okay, I swear I will get to bed once I finish. |D

I found today my app for Project Verde was accepted and that made me incredibly happy. Again, because of my work schedule, getting ready for college and shit, I won't be as active though I really REALLY want to. DX (Which reminds me I need to finish more of Saori's icons. orz)

But hey, once school starts, I will be able to be in a better timezone. Believe me when I say Hawaii has the worse time zone EVER for online/rp purposes.

Okay, so it turns out I will work 7am to 1 pm. At least they didn't ask me to come in when they open at 5:30 am or I probably would murder someone during the shift from the lack of sleep or something. I do hope I can have one dinner with my friends again before I do go off though.
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First of all, I want to welcome [livejournal.com profile] nwoppertje  and [livejournal.com profile] demoneyeskyo87  from the KHR friend meme. \^_^/

Let's see, I got 10 left before I go back up to Oregon for college. Turns out I'll be working long shifts starting today until Saturday. I think I also just signed up to do 7am-3pm shifts for next week. At least I'll be done with work a week from now. Must hang in there.

With that being said, I won't be around much to RP or I'll be on at weird hours. But hopefully, this will change once I go back up to school

Hawaii's getting another storm/depression, and right now it's super muggy as hell. It's pretty disgusting right actually since there's no wind around either.

I mentioned earlier about going to Sakura Con, but IDK if I really go now. It's April 2-4, but the luau is on the 10th. Usually a week before the show, that's the most stressful/busy time and this year, I'll have to worry about my thesis. Why couldn't it have been over my Spring Break instead? /sobs

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Well, the 2-day orientation wasn't too bad. It was only super bad when we went over company policies and stuff in the morning. There wasn't enough coffee to keep me awake for that. Though we did get to speak up to the other departments like the cooks, utility, and even the managers and what stuff needed to be done to our stores. Not to mention there was really good food around. =w= The only drawback about having the orientation pratically so far away was dealing with the traffic since it ended just when people ended their work. Took maybe an hour plus to get back.

I managed to get several sketches done for my Project Verde character, but now I need to make icons of them. I've yet to complete one yet since I don't like how my line art is turning out. Maybe it's because I haven't been touching my tablet lately or something, but it somehow feels so odd to be using a tablet even though I had this one for almost 4 years (since I bought when I first went into college).

I know it would be a lot easier to just find an already existing PB, but I feel like it's not my character if it's nothing at like how I drew them. I'm just picky like that. BTW, I managed to get the app done. It can be found here, but I need to fix it up a bit and it might change in the future.

I was just checking around some of my fave Japanese KHR artists and I came across this: A Xanxus, Squalo and BESTER doujinshi anthology.

F-list, I apologize for my fangirl flailing, but I love those three. Especially Bester, since I play him in the KHR DR and there's stuff from artist like EBIten who's stuff I love. Damn you Japan for releasing that when I'm no longer there! Ahh, lots of artists are releasing stuff since it's/near Comiket season. I would love to visit that one day, no matter how fucking crazy it gets. Comic City was fun, but Comiket is like the ultimate event to go to.

Still no progress on translating the Xanxus story from the Hidden Bullet Novels. So far, I've only gotten maybe a page or two done. It's my first job of doing a full on translation, this project's like 40+ pages long. But I do know that the story  happened a month before the Ring Battle, has a novel-only character by the name of Ottavio, and it involves a suprise attack and capture of a man-made island called Male Diabora. (IDK if this translation is right since I have no background in Italian. orz)

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Getting ready for possibly the most TL;DR event in my life )

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Officially 21 now. Time to go ruin my liver with alcohol. I'm kidding. It's too early to drink now.

Oh and work? Screw you for waking me up 10 earlier than my alarm and asking if I can work today ASAP until 4. If it was a regular day, sure maybe.

Work over the weekend wasn't too bad. Saturday was strangely slow despite the holiday. I'm guessing everyone was trying to find their way out of the Ala Moana fireworks show since that's the closest show in our area. Though we kept getting confused for Kahala Zippy's. Serously, WTF. Yes, we're on the same street, but Kaimuki Zippy's has been around since FOREVER. Oh well. Been mostly working as the cashier. Haven't been having problems lately, which is good. Sometimes being cashier means time seems to go faster. Will be working the weekends again.
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I had to work today since the person with the 2-10 shift was sick. Been working as the cashier for the past four shifts too. At least I'm getting paid so, I'm not complaining. Good news is that I remember most of the things about work, it's just the small details that have changed in the one year I was gone. Sometimes I wonder if I'm giving my usual shift manager a hard time because of that. Then again, she's a lot stricter than most of the managers, which is a blessing and a curse at the same time.

Also a perk about today, a woman came in and she had a 9 week old kitten with her. So cute. Too bad I couldn't pet since I was working.

Finished watching K-On. Oh god, the moe in that series. *_*  Been reading the Keroro Gunso manga for canon review and should look for the anime episodes later.  Managed to also get my hands on Photoshop CS 3 extended. I should try the trial version of Painter 11 since the copy of ImagineFX has it. At the same time, I feel guilty for not using my copics so often. Gotta fix that soon.

And in the meantime, I'm putting the idea of joining another game on the backburner. With the way work and RL is going, I think I'm putting too much on my plate since I'm barely cutting it for the minimum for Mallowmateys. (Posting as Keroro tonight even though most people are asleep and Xanxus will be tomorrow. I feel so bad for missing out on the party log. TT_TT) Besides, there's always a dressing room or my muse box anyway.

Finished Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days Sunday. I really do like this game and I think it was well done, despite a flaw or two. Also if anyone asks, I did fangirl to KHR episode 139. Will have to go on an icon making frenzy when I have time.

All this talk about Anime Expo is making me jealous. It's no secret that I would love to go one day and meet with so many people. But right now I gotta settle for Sakura Con. Even though I'm in Oregon for Kumori Con, I hear it's not that great. (Unless someone can convince me I don't plan to go.) And I do wish I can cosplay one day. IDK who to do though and I don't have sewing skills. (And yet I want to crochet an Amigurumi (Japanese style crocheted plushie) of Bester...)
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Yeah, seriously, if you feel like it, go for it.  So guess who has to see the dentist again tomorrow because she's got two cavities?

Got my work schedule for next week. Working Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday nights and when I come back, everyone will be asleep. lol.

Went to dinner at Macaroni Grill with my friends. 14 of us total. Went for the "Create your own pasta" option. Linguini pasta with garlic cream sauce, apple-smoked bacons, spinach, pine nuts, and mushrooms. Also splurged and got a strawberry Italian creme soda. Was originally going to Dave and Buster's, but due to bad timing, the line was ridiculous. So we opted to see "Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian" which was awesome. *_*

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