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So today was the last day of Golden Week.

On Monday, I went to Umeda for Yodobashi Camera, one of the nation-wide electronics stores. I bought me an electronic Japanese-English dictionary. Yes, the DS Kanji dictionary is nice, it does have it's limits. Plus, when translating texts, it's always good to have multiple resources. Now, inside Y.C., there's Osaka's JUMP SHOP. That's where particular items, mostly not sold in Animate stores are. Mostly bought keychains for more souviners/gifts.

Today, I decided to meet up with Runah since I wanted to mess around one last time before I have to back to classes. So we went to Den Den Town. I hadn't been to Melon Books in a while and recently discovered their new floor which was dedicated BL, doujins and what not. And to my surprise, THEY HAD HETALIA ONE COIN FIGURES. Yes, the one's everyone in the fandom wants? I find it funny that Melon Books had them, while at the Animate, which is only half a block away, didn't. I was suprised, they had several boxes. I only bought two, but I'm glad they weren't repeats.
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Also at Melon Books, they had a good share of doujinshis. Though my brain went dead for a second when I found TYL!RyoheixTYL!Xanxus and XanxusxLevi. But seeing that one doujin of where Tsuna's the adult and child!Xanxus is under his care is very cute. I only bought two doujins, since S.C.C. is next week. One's called "How Many Miles to Babylon" by Serohan, which is a series of cute chibi!varia centered 4-koma comics. The way they drew Bester is so cute, I'll have to make icons of them. The other one is by the circle Uzushio and the pairing is XS. No porn, but what I could read, the plot's very interesting.
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So I managed to get my hands on KHR Volume 24 today between classes. Posted up some photos on the KHR community if you haven't seen them yet. I love Amano's colored works and I'm curious about her techniques. I wonder why she hasn't created an artbook yet.

Had only a midterm paper and quiz for Hester's "Onna to Otoko" class, which talks about gender and sexuality in Japan. I barely got it done before class started. But better turnining it in and getting a bad grade than not turning it in at all, right? But argh, I swear I'll never do that again.

I was planning to come straight home after classes, but I tagged along with Runa and Chelsey to Hirakata station-side. (I still laugh when Runa calls Hirakata the New Jersey of Osaka. Then again, her host family's in Kuzuha, home to the Kuzuha Mall and what not, so can't say I blame her though. XD)

Had a good parfait since I hadn't one in ages. While we were at the park near city hall, Runa and I saw two elderly women taking care of some stray cats. Got a chance to even pet them. It's so sad that Japan has a lot of strays when they're really sweet. Had a nice chat with the ladies too.

The Japanese school started around Thursday, so it's going to be crowded at   Gaidai from now. But it'll be nice to see some fresh faces on campus.Got my registration stuff done this week. I might be mentoring a low level Japanese class next semester. Should be interesting, plus it might serve as teaching experience; especially if I want do a program like JET in the future.  Will be taking a drawing class (because you can never learn enough techniques in art), a fiction writing class (my English is failing since I've been up here), and Japanese 485 in the meantime.

Planning to go to Nipponbashi aka Den Den Town, the Osaka equivalent of Akihabara, tomorrow. I'm curious if the K-Books there will have a copy of a particular anthology I discovered while looking at some doujin circle websites. It's been a while since I been there. But don't worry, I don't plan to stay there all day.

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In less than 24 hours, I'll be on that plane back to Hawaii. Now, I just have to get to the packing.

The recital went pretty well. Will get a link soon when other people post it on facebook. =w=;;;;

I'm pretty much have all of my doujinshis in my carry ons (my back pack and laptop bag). After all, I really don't want people to see it in when they check my check-in suitcase. =_=;;;;;

I'll take photos of all the stuff I'll give to people and doujinshis I found when I go back home. I think I'm gonna have to do some heavy cleaning in my room for some stuff. @_@

Watched the first "Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei" series and I downloaded the opening and closing themes. I find it so amusing that the ending song is like swing/jazz music, but the lyrics are morbid as hell. XD

I used my 5000 yen rebate from Softbank (my cellphone provider here in Japan) to get the KHR Vongole Festival. There's so much crack...My favorite portion is Squalo and Xanxus's rooms. There's nothing like throwing glasses at your subordinates. XD
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It's to freaking cold up here. D| Souji and I have the heater cranked in our room and there's actual temperature shock between our room and the hallway. XD

Since we had the day off yesterday, a trip to Den Den Town was in order. I should not be allowed in Animate and K's Books  or else my wallet will DIE. I'm already Animate's bitch as it is. It didn't help that K's Books had a whole row of doujinshis devoted to KHR. 2 Xanxus/Squalo doujinshis, a 25 year old!Lambo/Reborn one, and a Yama/Goku doujin. Granted there wasn't much pron, they had wonderful art and plot. (What? Buying doujins for plot??? The world's gonna end! XD ) Besides, if I do want pron, there's always the KHR kink meme, y!gallery, and drawing it myself.

A friend told me that Kyoto has a huge open air market going on the 21st of every month and there's a good chance I can find a shamisen there. I might have to ask Dad for the money though for it. =_=;;; (Better cut back on the doujin buying.)

Oh and I recieved a package from Mom on Monday. 4 cans of spam, 3 bags of mac nuts, a large jar of peanut butter, a jar of strawberry and guava jelly, and a bag of goldfish crackers for the win. X3

And now I just wait for people to finish up their morning classes, have lunch, and dread the afternoon classes. |D

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