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I think I died and went to heaven when I got there. During the last Comic City, I wasn't into Reborn, but this time around was totally different. If I wasn't so tired from walking and just getting to and from Intex Osaka, I'd go on even further.

Being the XS fanatic I am, I immediately went for the Reborn section. AND OMG, THERE WERE SO MANY CIRCLES DOING XS. And the circles Hage and Chabo-445 were there too.  And now for some pics of the doujin I got since I couldn't take photos inside Comic City


And if anyone's asking for scans, I DO NOT have a scanner on me, and I do not want to lug all of them to Gaidai to scan them (let alone get some weird looks from the computer staff). I'll try to save up money in the summer for a scanner/printer since I gave my old crappy one away before I came up to Osaka. You'll have to deal with crappy photos in the mean time.

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Honestly, I think I'm one of people on everyone's f-list who constantly listens to shamisen music. I r such a dork, no?

Miki's being a shamisen dork *again* )

Comic City! )

Animate's Jump Fair 2009 )

And it's class registration season for my home university. LOL WHAT FUN. I mean, I'm glad I'll be back Oregon with awesome people, but the idea of doing this stuff is like argh. Since most of my stuff for my Japanese major is done, it's elective timez. The art classes I want to take all happen at the same time. WTF. I'm debating whether to take "Intro to Digital Imaging" or "Drawing I" since either way I know I need to take a refresher course on either subject. Possibly might take a writing fiction class because I realize how rusty I am at it. Either way, I emailed Maruki-sensei about it and hopefully he can be some help(????)

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So close to Spring Break, and to Tokyo, but guess who's feeling like crap now? :D If I still feel like this tomorrow, I'll probably email the teachers. Must recover with Dying Wil..../flops

Been taking some medication people in my apartment unit had. Japanese cold medicines are so weak to the American counterparts. They don't even allow Tylenol into the country. (But I somehow forgot to sneak a bottle in when I came back. /headpalm)

Catching up with One Piece, and can I say I honestly find the CP-9 to be awesome? *A* Seriously, I think I have a thing for evil/assassination groups: Akatsuki, Varia and now the CP-9. XD
RP fangirling here... )
But hey, I'm so happy that I CAN go to Comic City Osaka since it's the last day of Spring Break. It's the biggest doujinshi convention of this season in the Kansai region. I went to one last semester, but this is even going to be bigger. O__O I'll be raiding the Reborn section like hell. 

And then the week after that is the Yoshida Brothers concert. I'm so happy I can see them perform in person. *A*

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