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I don't know if a lot of my current flist people would know that I was once in an old fandom, Xiaolin Showdown. (You're more than welcome to google it and later laugh at me. I only joined it for one character, Chase Young, who was the epitome of awesomeness for me until Xanxus came in.)

I started writing a fic for said fandom, and included several original characters. I stopped writing in several years ago. Mainly it was because I stopped being that fandom and I sorta lost my voice for that fic. Now, one day in boredom, I check my old hotmail account, which I mainly used for FF.net purposes. I got an email from a reader. She was actually begging me to go back to it. When she read the fic when it came out, she left a  rabid "I'm fucking married to this character, get your OCs' hands off my man, bitch" kind of review, but now that she re-read it,  she's bummed that I stopped writing it.

The thing is, I would like to get back to it, but I'm rather hesitant about it. Granted, people sent good reviews and many were dissapointed I left it on hiatus. Flawed cannon is heavily flawed when it comes to Xiaolin Showdown. The reason why I began writing it was because I wanted a more mature and meatier story. Seriously, if this story involves Asian cultures, they would NOT use an element system the western world is familar with (fire, water, earth, and air). They would use a system of fire, water, metal, earth and wood. I wanted a stronger backstory to this fandom that had so much potential but was in the end wasted.

Maybe one day I will go back to it. Even though the OCs I mentioned are now in their own seperate RP game I play with Teresa (aka JackSpicer666 on DA), if it wasn't for this fandom, they wouldn't have been created.
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Don't you just hate it when you have so many ideas for fanfics and fanart but can't seem to find the time to put down on paper? >_< Yeah, that's what I'm going through at the moment.

The story on Pluto is still in the works, but I have the idea for the story out already. J-S666 has another vampire character named Luther, Chaos's maker. (I swear he looks a lot like Malik from Yugioh XD)Maybe Chaos will have some competition...Now I wanna write a threesome between them.

I hate this weekend. I haven't really touched my homework. >_
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The XS RP on Gaia...is doing fine. Except I just recieved this profile and...well, just take a look.

Can you say Bloated Ego? )

666 hits on my gallery today! W007!!!111 XD *brings out the sake*
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Bought BLEACH vol. 8 today. (Gotta love Collectors Maniacs...25% off their manga...)Sorry, I didn't buy Tsubasa vol.6 or Saiyuki Reload...I know there's a Samurai Champloo and Kingdom Hearts manga coming soon...but when will it come?

A New Ally Comic done by Jack-Spicer666 featuring Chase, Taru and my character, Hakuno. X3 Cute, but semi-non-worksafe.

ChaseXTaruXHakuno Fanart plus Hakuno

I'm addicted to Chase yaoi damnit! And I'm proud of it! XD Then again, I should be doing more KuronoXJack fanart. My poor little black fox wants his Jackie around. *Somewhere, Jack does his girly scream*

*ahem* Anyways, I went down to Olelo since Tom called me last night and said he needed my help. There was a studio shoot and he had to help out some students with in their editing class. I thought I just had to help him set the studio up, but it turns out I had to be on the feather pack to record the shoot. O_O Usually I do editing or camera work, but it actually turned out to be kinda fun. It wasn't difficult at all. My last job will be a shoot at Central Union Church and I get to man one of the cameras.

Gods, I can't believe I go back to school next week. Well, at least I finished the damn AP Calc homework...now to remember all the other stuff on that paper..-_-*groans* I hate math. I wish they had regular Calc instead of AP.
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Currently working on the Chase/Hakuno smut. I still can't believe I'm really writing one...I just hope it turns out to be okay. But what the hell, I'll just drop in a snippet. Don't worry, it's work-safe.

*still working on a title* )

One of the gifts of my mom's friend sent me was this cool plastic ice cube. When you put it in liquid, it lights up and changes colors (seven in total.) It's a like a little light show in your cup. XD Wow, I must've sounded like I'm an ADD person. *continues to watch the cube change colors*
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I spent seven hours at Olelo filiming two projects today. Feet are sore from standing for extremely long periods.

Bought HP yesterday, and finished it that day...(Ugh, I don't feel like discussing it yet.)

Inspired by deviant Jack-Spicer666's work, I officially have a Chase Young yaoi craving. Two main yaoi projects in the works now.

1. PWP (Plot? What Plot?) Smut-fic of Hakuno and Chase. (One page is done) <-Yes, I'm serious on this one. But I won't post it in FF.net

2. Colored drawing of Chase, Taru(J-S666's character), and Hakuno. (Sketch is almost complete.)

*evil laugh* Label me insane if you want to. I won't care!
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How Writing Fanfiction Becomes a Pain in the Ass )
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Out boredom, this question popped up: If Xiaolin Showdown had opening and closing themes like an anime show, what songs would you put? (I know it sounds like I hate the original theme, but I don't. I'm not sure if I'll add some more...)

My Picks )



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Holy. Crap. I actually did it. After much persuasion, I created THIS. I think a lot of people that know me saw that coming. ^_^;;; Now I just need some help fixing it up. Maybe a CY icon for the community and a layout....b/c I can't do layouts.
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If you want proof Jack Spicer is perfect uke-material, check these links out.

Chase's True Feelings
Chase x Jack I love weasleyperson's art.
A Good Time...for Chase (Getting pretty kinky, aren't we, Chase?)
If you read the LJ-cut in my last post, I refer to two characters who haven't made a debut in "No Boundaries" named Kurono and Hakuno. The pic's in my scrapbook, but I'll put up the link to it.
Hakuno and Kurono
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I officially have a little plot bunny now. I inked my entry for the Chase Young club's "Draw Chase as a baby" contest. Little Chase has Jack's googles on and wants to play with "Jackie." My Chase muse is not amused with it. I might as well type out now.

Dealing with Little Chase )
XD I have such a twisted mind. Maybe I'll expand on this more. *Chase tries to protest, but he's currently bound and gagged*
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Inside Look at No Boundaries )
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After reading Jadebell's rant and some forums on Gaia, I think it's time for my own little rant on Chase Young.
Seiyaryu's Rant on Chase Young )

This is actually a 2 part series. This part deals with mainly Chase Young in the show. The next post is about concerns about my Xiaolin Showdown Fanfiction project, "No Boundaries."

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