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Despite the rain, and waiting half an hour to get inside, it was pretty awesome.

I apologize of the quality of the photos/having my face in the photos. I forgot to recharge my camera battery, so I had to use my webcam. 

First up, the catalog of all the circles participating. 4 warehouses, and they were the biggest ones available. The Jump titles had to be split into two warehouses.  And yes, that's Sengoku Basara  on the cover. There were a lot of Sengoku Basara doujinshis out now that the anime is airing.

England/Japan doujinshi for [livejournal.com profile] kiku  Doujin 1 Doujin 2 The Hetalia section was packed like mad. Lots of doujin and fanfictions there. Some even went all the way to make their publications look super professional looking.

From the XS circle Ebiten: Cocytus, a multi-volume doujinshi about the 2nd Vongola Boss and his Guardians. Vol 1
 and Vol 2 The last part won't be released until later this year. This is going on top of my "must scanlate" list.

I laughed when I saw people selling St. Young Men doujinshi. I managed to get one.
(And yes, the manga is about Jesus and Buddha living together. Anyone wanna guess why this one will never EVER show up published in the States?)

A Dino/Squalo doujin by chabbo-445. This one is going to [livejournal.com profile] kajiba  because she is awesome.

Hage and Hariya did a collab doujin.

A Lussuria doujin working on the whole family gag  with Luss as the mother.

A Varia-centered anthology

Varia-centered doujin by Hage. This time as chibi insects.

XS doujin with Bester. I was dissapointed with this one though.

A lot of the popular circles like Angelica and Hage also gave out extras. Some people got custom bags if they bought so many doujins from that circle. I got one from Hage, it's this beautiful clear folder. The pic of Xanxus is a promo poster for the XS only event.

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Found the quiz on [personal profile] ranty_rie and [profile] tangerine_tart 's journals. Thought I give it a try.
Affectionate and Skeptical )
I have to admit that 90% of it is true.

I'm gonna try shoot for three pages tonight. I should be able to whip out the last two pages on Sunday after Super Comic City and the paper's due Monday at 5:30pm at the latest, but I'm gonna aim for an earlier time.

I hope everyone who commented on my last post understands that I didn't want to stir up any trouble or put strains on everyone's relations to each other. I just noticed an unhealthy amount of rp-based stress among a lot of people and I wanted to give everyone a chance to vent and discuss about that. If you're mad at me for doing that, you're more than welcome to punch me or something.

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I has my own shamisen now. *A* And it only cost me 30,000 yen, which is approximately 300 USD. And that's considerably good because shamisens are much more expensive  if you don't have the right connections. Chieko sensei is just awesome like that.
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Another good thing about this week? It's Golden Week up here in Japan. Basically it a number of holidays that made legit to have half of next week a vacation. I don't have serious plans, other than heading to Umeda (to shop for an electronic dictionary and check out the Jump Store) and packing things. Can't believe this semester is almost over!

Sad that there's no manga updates, but I'm catching up with Gintama and possibly might start reading Bakuman or I might save that for summer. Saw the color poster posted in the KHR community with Reborn and the other Arcobaleno. I hope we get their backstory soon. But really, I kinda want to read about the past Vongola bosses, mainly Primo and Secondo. (And possibly the Fourth because he can pwn people with a FLAMING FORK.)

Super Comic City is on the Sunday before finals. I suppose going wouldn't hurt, but I will limit myself this time.No really, I will. Speaking of finals, they aren't that bad this time around. Just two papers and one actual exam (oral and written).

But I'm not slacking off. I got me some books to study up for the Japanese Language Profienecy test, especially if I want to do something like the JET program. According to my Japanese professor up here, Level 4, where I am, is somewhere between level 2 and 3 (2 being the higer one). Which doesn't help me because the gap between those levels is just astonding.

Level 3: Know about 300 kanji characters and 1,500 vocabulary words
Level 2: Know about 1000 kanji characters and 6,000 vocabulary words

And in other news, my grandma actually blacked out last week sunday and came back from the hospital Tuesday. Apparently, she was dehydrated, but the doctor wanted her to stay in the hospital for a bit. Also, my mom is currently in Texas. As one of the faculty advisors for the robotics team, they're going up for the National robotics championship to represent Hawaii. (Plus, it's their first time since this club was newly created, it's pretty exciting.) But with news of the swine flu, guess it would be natural that I'd be a little paranoid, but knowing Mom, she'll be fine.

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