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From XS to School--The Rant )
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How Writing Fanfiction Becomes a Pain in the Ass )
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Dear Xiaolin Showdown RPers on Gaia Online,

Will some please continue on with the damn story?! I've been waiting for two weeks since my last serious post and all I've done was bumping it to keep it afloat! I keep checking on your guys' online status and all you've done was bupkus!! If this is some kind of prank, I'm not amused at all. Unless some one answers, I'll sending in my post of resignation. I just sent a PM to the guy in charge--who's online right now. And for the love of Dashi, please be more literate. -_-''' Second, where the hell is the guy who plays Chase? My character is his apprentice and she's in a tight situation at the moment. Plus, she rather see Omi dead than Chase's next apprentice. It would be nice if some cannon characters also dropped by, know. -_- Hell, we don't even have a Wuya and Jack Spicer around. For the love of Xiaolin Showdown, somebody answer!!!

-Seiyaryu Taisho
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I'm super dead from today and yesterday. We finished filming our tape and now comes the pain in the ass editing. If I finish it early enough, I can start volunteering ASAP. The editing classes ended today, but my Mom and I will have to come back tomorrow to start editing. -_-''' I was about to die from boredom. And now I should practice my flute soon.

As for fanfiction, nothing yet. Ditto for requested art. I can't really seem to get myself to finish these things off. Yargh....I'm gonna start abusing my poor muses even more at this rate if I don't see how the second season ended. Damn summaries don't satisfy me unless I see the episodes with my own eyes.
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After reading Jadebell's rant and some forums on Gaia, I think it's time for my own little rant on Chase Young.
Seiyaryu's Rant on Chase Young )

This is actually a 2 part series. This part deals with mainly Chase Young in the show. The next post is about concerns about my Xiaolin Showdown Fanfiction project, "No Boundaries."
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I finally got some friggin' fanfiction up! I think it's been more than two years since I uploaded something. And yes, it's a Xiaolin Showdown fanfiction. I posted up the prologue and the first chapter this morning. It's rated M due to violent content, language and what not. Not to mention Wuya and Yamiryu duke it out in the first chapter...

In my mini-shop at Gaia, Fence won my freebie and so I need to get my ass back in gear to finish up everybody else's request. I only finished one so far and the rest are still in the drafting process. -_-
Speaking of about Gaia, are any of the rps I'm on still alive. Fence is around, but he still hasn't responded.

I'm almost done cleaning up this laptop I'm on. We're finally going to have our own computer now. but the sad thing is that my mom won't be working at kaimuki anymore. due to low student body numbers, they're cutting back. one of the other librarians doesn't want to retire, claiming she wants to work for forty years...hence my mom will start working at kalani high school starting from this fall.

starting from tonight, i'll be doing night lessons at the 'oleo tv station, learning video editing. i'm pretty excited. so i'll be doing some practice driving, sat prep class, and volunteering at 'oleo...but I still gotta pick out my colleges, find scholarships, start my common applications form....argh. ><''' UH is probably my "most likely to get in" college while maybe Linfield, UoP, and University of Redlands are my ideal colleges. i want to major in Japanese and business (even though my math skills aren't too great. i'm gonna die when i get into ap calculus...O.o) but also study abroad to Japan and maybe another mainland college. but we're definetly runing out of cash and i'm not even in college yet. gods, i'm screwed.
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Extremely brain-dead from the SAT. 4 hours of proving to colleges that I'm a retard. I couldn't actually pull off the essay part (how the hell was i supposed to write a freakin' essay in 25 minutes?!)

just watched some XS reruns i've been recording. still waiting for Chase to roll on by. I'm serious, he's the only character to stump me when it comes to writing...next to Genjyo Sanzo...too many gaps in character...-_-'''' maybe i should write my own rant about fanfiction, like how Jadebell did a rant on the falls of XS's second season.....grr. i haven't written any fanfiction in ages. i think i'll delete my OFUY and email Miss Cam to delete the yugioh spinoff. *sigh* i was on the sixth chapter...but ff.net might delete again as usual....

Yamiryu: I find this amusing. You've been improving with your fanart a lot; but your fanfics--
Seiyaryu: I know! I know! Gods...is having your yami counterpart be one's muse some kind of divine punishment?
Yamiryu:...Oi, I'm still here you know. -_-'''''

i just noticed something...The Gills of Hamachi shen gong wu's name is pretty accurate. but hamachi is a japanese fish...so why is a chinese item labeled with a japanese name....o.O

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