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[personal profile] ranty_rierequested Gokudera. If anyone wants, I'll do one for Bester as well in another post.

Doing this post made me realize, even though Gokudera's a fave character of mine, I lack fan art of him. Must be because it's mostly filled with Xanxus, Squalo, or anything Varia related.

Not Dial-Up Friendly )
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the meme

And no, this is not some conspiracy to get people to read TV Tropes. /shifty eyes

Oh and because I was bored one night:

Hitsuzen on Tegaki E
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If you want proof Jack Spicer is perfect uke-material, check these links out.

Chase's True Feelings
Chase x Jack I love weasleyperson's art.
A Good Time...for Chase (Getting pretty kinky, aren't we, Chase?)
If you read the LJ-cut in my last post, I refer to two characters who haven't made a debut in "No Boundaries" named Kurono and Hakuno. The pic's in my scrapbook, but I'll put up the link to it.
Hakuno and Kurono
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I officially have a little plot bunny now. I inked my entry for the Chase Young club's "Draw Chase as a baby" contest. Little Chase has Jack's googles on and wants to play with "Jackie." My Chase muse is not amused with it. I might as well type out now.

Dealing with Little Chase )
XD I have such a twisted mind. Maybe I'll expand on this more. *Chase tries to protest, but he's currently bound and gagged*

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