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Miki ([personal profile] kansaiphones) wrote2011-03-11 05:59 am
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Do not want a tsunami, mother nature.

Hi guys,

I'm just letting you guys know I'm doing alright. If you didn't know from earlier, I live in Hawaii. We're still in a tsunami warning due to earthquake in Japan. So far, nothing serious on our side but we haven't been given the all clear yet. Everyone's been asked to stay off the street and to be ready if we need to evacuate. There might be an update on the situation in 15 min.

The alarms started at 10pm and since then I haven't slept well. I'll see if I can still use my phone to tweet. If worst comes worst though, could someone please contact the mods at mayfield and bohren if I can't connect to the internet? Well, I'll see you guys later. ;;

Honestly though, I'm more worried about everyone I know in Japan, including my Dad and his family since they live in Tokyo. I would contact him, but given the situation, it's probably better to wait it out when things calmed down a bit.

Thank you everyone for your guys prayers and everything.