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Miki ([personal profile] kansaiphones) wrote2010-06-01 02:29 pm
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Back home

Well, I came back home last week. Saturday was the graduation ceremony, which went smoothly and didn't rain until we were leaving. Most of us were yelling at the professors to speed it up so we could go under a roof. Mom, aunt, uncle and cousin came up. My cousin, who lives up in Seattle and is currently in Peru for a trip, had to leave Sunday since she had work. So it was the four us until Tuesday. We stayed in a hotel in Portland in the meantime, doing a lot of walking, shopping, and eating. XD I wasn't able to explore too much of Portland this school year, so it was nice to do so.  I'm really going to miss Oregon and the Northwest in general. My cousin even offered to let me stay up in Seattle if I ever wanted to move.

So what am I doing now in the meantime? Mostly doing cleaning around the house and other chores. I've grabbed a few apps, but I might have to stick to Zippy's in the meantime just so I can have money to pay off my college loans. BTW, I'm just completely scarred when it comes to loans. Right now it's mostly the paper work. I mean, why didn't the financial aid office give these papers earlier when I was still up at the school? I don't trust myself to understand everything unless I'm talking to someone in person. Also doesn't help that there's no Wells Fargo in Hawaii to help me out.  I might already have had an anxiety attack or just a breakdown. Call me a whimp, but I'm just utterly terrified by all this.

Also, my mom told me Grandma has made some progress, but I fail to see it. Recently, we have to send her to an elderly day care because we just can't leave her alone in the house. Mom and I are digging in our heels and being patient, but sometimes it can get ridiculous. Give me chores around the house and I'll do them, just don't make do things like exercises with her or anything like that. I just no longer have the patience with her. So the quicker I can get a job, the faster I can get out of the house more often.

I've said this once, but I'll say it again: RPing in Hawaii sucks because of the timezone.  Well, TBH, I kinda don't like being here. I guess it's easy development of cabin fever with a side of reverse culture shock or something. I just felt more at home back at the University and Japan than my actual home. Yeah, Hawaii's okay to live in, but it just never really felt right with me.

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