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Miki ([personal profile] kansaiphones) wrote2010-01-04 10:39 am
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Back in Oregon

Yep, folks, I'm back up in the state of no sales tax, Oregon. Came back last night and surprisingly I did get some sleep on the plane.

Two weeks is an ideal time span for a break to me. This is why I almost go insane when it's summer break where it feels like it just drags on. Managed to get clothes for interviews and just going out, strangely enough since I usually don't have that much luck with clothes shopping. Also got the chance to see my high school friends again, though it's depressing to know I go back first 90% of the time.

Dad sent me more copic markers, which pretty much sparked my need to do more traditional media-based drawings, though I don't have a scanner of my own to use to post them. (I promise to find a way around it.) My cousin, the same one who took me to Whistler, got me an Alton Brown cook book since she knows I'm a fan of his stuff. Grandma gave me spending money, which was a relief since my new laptop took a huge chunk of my spring semester budget.

Working on some apps both RP-wise and grad school. Looks like I'll just apply for University of Hawaii's grad school since that's the only deadline I didn't miss. As much as I don't want to go back home, I don't think I have much of a choice. Or I can just work a semester and then app to another school. In the meantime, I'm hoping to app Lussuria at Project Verde and Keroro at Island. That's assuming this semester doesn't kick my ass like the last one. I managed to get B/B+ last semester so that was nice.

I dropped out of my first aid classes for this January term, and I just have to do the paperwork for Independent study so I can work onmy thesis. Now it's just a matter of finding my professor and getting all the necessary signatures. Also got to debate on my work hours for this month alone. Maybe twice a week or something. It'll just boil down to how the studying goes.