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I believe all the people on my f-list who enjoy Xanxus/Squalo will like this. So I was visiting the Shijo Animate store before I went to my shamisen class, and I came across these two beauties.
Doujinshis anyone? 8D )Been rather exhausted this week. And lugging back a shamisen from the train station is not fun. I didn't get back home until midnight Thursday. I had my bike, but it's not like a shamisen could fit in my bike basket and what not. 

I won't be around Saturday Japan time since I'm going on a tour of sorts in Kyoto with Chieko-sensei and the other Gaidai students who take lessons from her.

So I found out that the Yoshida Brothers' concert is on the same day as the field trip to see Takarazuka theater. Well, I 've seen it before and how often do you get to see the Yoshida Brothers perform live? So I might give my Takarazuka ticket to someone who's never seen it so they can enjoy it.
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Only on  MallowMateys, will you have Xanxus deal with Hetalia's Italy.

I'm amused with the idea of Hetalia, but not a real fan, but when the MM people play them, they make them so loveable. Especially ITALY. XD

Here's the thread where Italy and Xanxus makes contact.

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