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I couldn't help it. Gold/Silver was my favorite generation of Pokemon. Working on meeting Morty, the fourth gym leader, right now, so lots of level grinding before anything else.  Been using my Pokewalker too, but it's more like my roommate's abusing it for her own entertainment. I'm very pleased with this remake, save for the fast leveling and egg producing when it comes to the day care. Seriously, I leave my Eevees there for maybe less than five minutes and they churned out 3 eggs while I was gone.

Well aside from the gaming, I'm trying to get other stuff done too. Mostly thesis and other papers. The next two weeks are gonna kill me. It's mostly because I ended being part of the luau show preview which is a week before the actual luau. And during these two weeks, there will be night rehearsals too. Let's hope I get some homework done during the rehearsals. Also got to get some drawings done for people. On a random note, I've the urge to visit the Oregon Zoo. I guess it would be nice to have animal references if I ever draw them.

First off, I want to appologize to people who said I was going to Sakuracon because I will not be able to go due to money constraints and other shit going on.  I really wanted to go but I messed up on pre-reg, trying to get a ride up and a room. I'm really sorry guys. D:

And if things get too hectic for the next two weeks, I'll probably call a hiatus.
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Out of the warmth of Hawaii and into the cold of Oregon )
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So sore from snowboarding today. It was a scary, but fun. I think I ate it like 20+ for sure. I'll have to sit in the hot tub for sure. Probably won't do any excessive tomorrow, but hopefully in the afternoon I can walk around. Guess I'll use that time to do homework.

No snowboarding during Thanksgiving. It was mostly devoted to getting from Seattle to Whistler. We stopped by in Vancouver for lunch. I hope one day I can stay there longer. It seems so wonderful. Dinner was a turkey, brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie.

Now I'm just waiting for dinner. I'm making breakfast tomorrow. BTW, Canadian bacon is delicious. Not the kind on pizza. The actual bacon made in Canada.
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One more day to Thanksgiving break. While I say I could use a break like this, it also means finals are coming up. I had to put a hiatus on Keroro in mallowmateys since there was no way I could do the activity checks in time. Hopefully, I can make that up in January when I come back to Oregon and only have 1 class for 3 hours in the morning until Spring Semester.

This year, I'll be heading up to Whistler to snowboard....or at least try to attempt it, if not utterly humiliate myself in front of my cousin and some of her friends. Hopefully, while I'm up there, I can work on my short story for my Writing Fiction class and my drawings for Drawing I. Maybe I'll try to outline my chapter 2 for the senior thesis. Wednesday will be dedicated to going up to Seattle to meet up with my cousin and we head out to Whistler in the morning. I won't return to campus until Monday, which means I'll actually skip Japanese class. Whoops, I should have told my professor that, but I'll email him my assignment, if anything, right?
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Today's the last day of freedom. Yep, I start school tomorrow. DX Gods, that means studying for the AP exams. Well, at least I have 20th century literature, Philosophy, Wind Ensemble, and Digital Media Design to look forward too.

Finished Pacific University's application. Now I'm looking into to scholarships. Gods, I hate this crap...*dies at the computer*

RP=Fanfiction idea? )

Ooh, I've been slacking off with drawings. It's not like I forgot my comissions. I just tend to get nervous when it comes to posting them b/c I feel they may not be to their liking. And my perfectionist side gets the best of me. -_-

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