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One more day to Thanksgiving break. While I say I could use a break like this, it also means finals are coming up. I had to put a hiatus on Keroro in mallowmateys since there was no way I could do the activity checks in time. Hopefully, I can make that up in January when I come back to Oregon and only have 1 class for 3 hours in the morning until Spring Semester.

This year, I'll be heading up to Whistler to snowboard....or at least try to attempt it, if not utterly humiliate myself in front of my cousin and some of her friends. Hopefully, while I'm up there, I can work on my short story for my Writing Fiction class and my drawings for Drawing I. Maybe I'll try to outline my chapter 2 for the senior thesis. Wednesday will be dedicated to going up to Seattle to meet up with my cousin and we head out to Whistler in the morning. I won't return to campus until Monday, which means I'll actually skip Japanese class. Whoops, I should have told my professor that, but I'll email him my assignment, if anything, right?
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This looked so much, I thought I'd try it.  Got it from [livejournal.com profile] demoneyeskyo87

The Sharing Meme

day 01 | a song
day 02 | a picture
day 03 | a book/ebook/fanfic
day 04 | a site
day 05 | a youtube clip
day 06 | a quote
day 07 | whatever tickles your fancy

I'll just apologize in advance if you get sick of me posting for 7 days straight.

I'm sure by now my f-list knows by now that I'm really into shamisens. So the song I'm posting is from the Yoshida Brothers. It's from their new album "Prism" and it's called "紅い鳥~RED BIRD" . This song is a personal favorite, especially when I need to relax.  It's also a song I associate one of my characters with.


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The Yoshida Brothers aren't the only guys in the shamisen world mixing it up with modern music. Kevin Kmetz, the only foreigner to win various awards in shamisen, mixes up shamisen...with heavy metal.

I discovered shamisens through the Yoshida Brothers, but holy crap, this guy's good too! He's got other stuff on his youtube channel rearranging songs for the shamisen. Hell, he's credited to making the electric shamisen. (IDK why you would need one when shamisens can be pretty loud by themselves.)

Oh the things you learn from your Senior Project. Yeah, it's not so much as a thesis since I'm not arguing anything. It's more like a report of sorts, since I'll be covering the history, the styles of playing and what not. I'll probably will throw in my opinion about the future of shamisens too.

In RP news, I got Keroro a paid account, made a few icons for him, and having a blast playing him. He's now with Japan and happy as hell because of that.
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It made you happier for more than one day... )
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Done with two of my classes! Turned in my Religion in Japan site report and did the final quiz. Also did my performance skit (a dramatized version of Densha Otoko where he's talking to other 2Ch users when he receives the Hermes tea cups).  Plus, there was the oral part of my Japanese final. I think I did alright with that, but I'm going to focus more on the written portion.

Going to go to my shamisen lesson tonight and crashing at my friend's place. (And hopefully have a successful recording for you guys to watch. *A*) The good thing is that I only have to go to school for my "Onna to Otoko: Gender and Sexuality in Japan" class since we have a finals quiz, which is at 1pm. The paper's due monday so I'll be cranking that out this weekend, even with a small trip to Super Comic City. I'll probably turn off my wifi and hide my ethernet cord for most of Saturday. T_T But I will be in the clear once Tuesday comes around since that's when I'm done with my Japanese final.
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I has my own shamisen now. *A* And it only cost me 30,000 yen, which is approximately 300 USD. And that's considerably good because shamisens are much more expensive  if you don't have the right connections. Chieko sensei is just awesome like that.
Big image under cut )

Another good thing about this week? It's Golden Week up here in Japan. Basically it a number of holidays that made legit to have half of next week a vacation. I don't have serious plans, other than heading to Umeda (to shop for an electronic dictionary and check out the Jump Store) and packing things. Can't believe this semester is almost over!

Sad that there's no manga updates, but I'm catching up with Gintama and possibly might start reading Bakuman or I might save that for summer. Saw the color poster posted in the KHR community with Reborn and the other Arcobaleno. I hope we get their backstory soon. But really, I kinda want to read about the past Vongola bosses, mainly Primo and Secondo. (And possibly the Fourth because he can pwn people with a FLAMING FORK.)

Super Comic City is on the Sunday before finals. I suppose going wouldn't hurt, but I will limit myself this time.No really, I will. Speaking of finals, they aren't that bad this time around. Just two papers and one actual exam (oral and written).

But I'm not slacking off. I got me some books to study up for the Japanese Language Profienecy test, especially if I want to do something like the JET program. According to my Japanese professor up here, Level 4, where I am, is somewhere between level 2 and 3 (2 being the higer one). Which doesn't help me because the gap between those levels is just astonding.

Level 3: Know about 300 kanji characters and 1,500 vocabulary words
Level 2: Know about 1000 kanji characters and 6,000 vocabulary words

And in other news, my grandma actually blacked out last week sunday and came back from the hospital Tuesday. Apparently, she was dehydrated, but the doctor wanted her to stay in the hospital for a bit. Also, my mom is currently in Texas. As one of the faculty advisors for the robotics team, they're going up for the National robotics championship to represent Hawaii. (Plus, it's their first time since this club was newly created, it's pretty exciting.) But with news of the swine flu, guess it would be natural that I'd be a little paranoid, but knowing Mom, she'll be fine.
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Seriously, if life was like tivo, i would actually just skipped to Friday. I don't CARE if it's just one day away, I just want it to happen.

Well, I got the news I'll be getting my own shamisen--at a nice price too--since the idiot person who decided to keep that one since SEPTEMBER of last year has finally decided that she could afford it. Dumb fuck. You should've paid for it ASAP. If Chieko sensei wasn't so nice, I would've beaten the crap out of you for that.

RP talk )

Today, I had do a performance piece with a group for class. Had to lug my loan!shamisen up to campus, played totally fucked up musically, and I'm just burned out now, so I sent a text to a friend saying I won't be going to shamisen lesson today. I dont feel like being out until midnight right now. B|

EDIT: It's amazing what a visit to LOL cats, some youtube videos, and an RP post can do. I feel a better now.

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I just pretty much cleaned my side of the room today. Did some reorganizing, some vacuuming, and now I has more desk space to work with. Let's see how long that lasts. XD

Shamisen lesson tomorrow, so don't expect me to get back to my laptop until really late. =_=;;; Maybe I should get to bed at 12 and not 3 am tonight so I won't be so exhausted. X_X  I'll probably look over the music since I still can't retie that last string so I can actually play. Or maybe I should stop being such a lazy ass and go over to Seminar House IV to see Kim on how to restring it.

Talked to Telleh, my friend at my home university. Some drama's been happening and I really don't blame her for being mad about it. Makes me want to throttle the asshole who's causing it. Hopefully the drama will subside when I go back.

Other than that, everything is so-so on this side of Pacific Ocean.

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Cut to spare F-List from major fangirling )
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Honestly, I think I'm one of people on everyone's f-list who constantly listens to shamisen music. I r such a dork, no?

Miki's being a shamisen dork *again* )

Comic City! )

Animate's Jump Fair 2009 )

And it's class registration season for my home university. LOL WHAT FUN. I mean, I'm glad I'll be back Oregon with awesome people, but the idea of doing this stuff is like argh. Since most of my stuff for my Japanese major is done, it's elective timez. The art classes I want to take all happen at the same time. WTF. I'm debating whether to take "Intro to Digital Imaging" or "Drawing I" since either way I know I need to take a refresher course on either subject. Possibly might take a writing fiction class because I realize how rusty I am at it. Either way, I emailed Maruki-sensei about it and hopefully he can be some help(????)

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To everyone who added me via the Multifandom Friending Meme, thanks for adding me and welcome.

Yesterday was very tiring. Since Chieko-sensei, my shamisen teacher, couldn't teach me today, I had to come in on Thursday. Add the fact I didn't end classes until 4 and my calves were killing me from Wednesday's skating, I was rather tired. She was nice enough to take me out to eat okomiyaki as a break from lesson. I had a small glass of beer, and as luck would have it, I got even sleepier. XD No, I wasn't full-on drunk, but that combination of fatigue and good food just did me in. So I ended up taking a nap for a song or two while some other Gaidai students came in to practice. So I pretty muched was out of the Seminar House until 11:30 ish. O_O

Still need to some drawings and what not for V-day. I'm very tempted to go back and try write that Xanxus/Sanzo prompt from the KHR kink meme. XD It's kinda sad I haven't written a fanfiction in a while.

Oh, I  caved in and bought one of those chocolate making sets since Japan's really huge on homemade chocolates for V-day. I'll probably drop it with my friends tomorrow afternoon after I make them.
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Today in Japan, it's National Foundation Day. IOW, NO SCHOOL YAY!!!

I was invited to go to Hirakata Park, the local amusement partk, for ice skating. And it was worth it. It's been four years since I last did it, but I managed to get a hang of it. Only fell once because some fucking little punks kids blindsided me. @_@

Now I just need to finish the reading for tomorrow's classes and homework. blargh. But I'll see Chieko sensei tomorrow instead of Friday this week because of her schedule. I'm just really glad my classes end at 4 instead of 5 or else I would be tired as hell going there. And I has melon-pan (a sweet bread that looks like a melon, so yummy).

I just started looking at my LJ login app and I think I have too many accounts to sign in now. XDDDD
I have total of three full-time rp accounts, two NPCs, and I STILL want to make a Chii account.  Is this becomming a bad sign???

(Because Chii would make such a cute addition to Xanxus's ship (which remains nameless still. lol, what kind of a captian am I?)) And for the record, Chii is the one in my icon now. Yes, another cat. Why? Because Chii is the most adorable animated kitten ever.

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FINALS. A permanent "DONOTWANT" item.

I also got accepted to play Spanner from KHR in an RP. IOW, I'm now the second residential pedobear weebo of the characters. XD I'm seriously having a blast, despite studying for finals and what not, and I'm already planning to apply for another character.

Gotta print out some photos for Ojii-chan and Obaachan. Not to mention actually call them. Now, they're the nicest people, but I'm just terrified when I'm calling them. Not only are they quite elderly, but I can't understand a single thing they say due to their dialect. (Must ask Mom to give me a crash course on it.) Also have to call Dad. I'm pretty sure he would like to know about the shamisen recital.

Shamisen recital is next week Sunday. I'm only playing one song, but geez, I'm a total wreck about it. Still can't play the last few lines. I'll be leaving Japan for the winter break the next day. D8
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I'm finally done with my monthly projects for Org-Infinity. *facedesk* I stayed up to 6 am today to get the Halloween done. =3= I admit it was fun despite the time crunch. Now, I can work on my character sheets for Wielders of Ruin and maybe Arx Fatalis.

I got to see Chieko sensei today, so I was very happy today. Well, not as happy when I bought 3 Hitman Reborn doujinshis at Animate. *is shot*

There's no classes tomorrow since it's clean up day from the International Festival (aka INFES) this weekend. I could use a break after everything. Plus, I've been having the sniffles lately, but nothing serious. It's getting colder up here, as well as dry. Well better than raining constantly, I suppose.

As for Halloween, I'm waiting for people to post up pics from the Seminar House party for my pics. (Yay for Uke Cat Boy with a sign that says "Adopt Me Please" and "I'm looking for a good master" (the latter in Japanese) xD )

And on another note, Green Apple chuhais are awesome. XD

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