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I'M FOREVER DONE WITH FINALS!!!! And graduation's this Saturday!
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So I managed to get my hands on KHR Volume 24 today between classes. Posted up some photos on the KHR community if you haven't seen them yet. I love Amano's colored works and I'm curious about her techniques. I wonder why she hasn't created an artbook yet.

Had only a midterm paper and quiz for Hester's "Onna to Otoko" class, which talks about gender and sexuality in Japan. I barely got it done before class started. But better turnining it in and getting a bad grade than not turning it in at all, right? But argh, I swear I'll never do that again.

I was planning to come straight home after classes, but I tagged along with Runa and Chelsey to Hirakata station-side. (I still laugh when Runa calls Hirakata the New Jersey of Osaka. Then again, her host family's in Kuzuha, home to the Kuzuha Mall and what not, so can't say I blame her though. XD)

Had a good parfait since I hadn't one in ages. While we were at the park near city hall, Runa and I saw two elderly women taking care of some stray cats. Got a chance to even pet them. It's so sad that Japan has a lot of strays when they're really sweet. Had a nice chat with the ladies too.

The Japanese school started around Thursday, so it's going to be crowded at   Gaidai from now. But it'll be nice to see some fresh faces on campus.Got my registration stuff done this week. I might be mentoring a low level Japanese class next semester. Should be interesting, plus it might serve as teaching experience; especially if I want do a program like JET in the future.  Will be taking a drawing class (because you can never learn enough techniques in art), a fiction writing class (my English is failing since I've been up here), and Japanese 485 in the meantime.

Planning to go to Nipponbashi aka Den Den Town, the Osaka equivalent of Akihabara, tomorrow. I'm curious if the K-Books there will have a copy of a particular anthology I discovered while looking at some doujin circle websites. It's been a while since I been there. But don't worry, I don't plan to stay there all day.

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Honestly, I think I'm one of people on everyone's f-list who constantly listens to shamisen music. I r such a dork, no?

Miki's being a shamisen dork *again* )

Comic City! )

Animate's Jump Fair 2009 )

And it's class registration season for my home university. LOL WHAT FUN. I mean, I'm glad I'll be back Oregon with awesome people, but the idea of doing this stuff is like argh. Since most of my stuff for my Japanese major is done, it's elective timez. The art classes I want to take all happen at the same time. WTF. I'm debating whether to take "Intro to Digital Imaging" or "Drawing I" since either way I know I need to take a refresher course on either subject. Possibly might take a writing fiction class because I realize how rusty I am at it. Either way, I emailed Maruki-sensei about it and hopefully he can be some help(????)

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Bored Miki is bored. AGAIN. =w=;;;

I figured I should post up what KHR stuff I have with me. Sadly, most of my doujins are back home.
Image heavy post is very image heavy )

My class schedule looks very promising this semester. Save for Tuesday, I start classes at 11am. X3  Taking Japanese speaking Level 4, Onna to Otoko: Gender and Sexuality in Japan (by favorite professor, Hester), Japanese Communication: Culture as Performance (since Intro to Japanese History was taken...I wanted an easy class :| ) and Religion in Japan. The longest I stay on campus will be until 4 thank goodness. Will go back to Chieko-sensei for shamisen lessons next week.

Roomies went to go do some karaoke. I'm just tired from my quick day trip to Den Den town. Was tempted to get a Xanxus/Female!Squalo doujin, but I had a feeling it was a novel, so I didn't get it. =_=;; Hence, I got that Assassino book.

I have such a love/hate relationship with "Hot N Cold" by Katy Perry now. It started from a Yamamoto/Gokudera video, but now it's spawned to a twisted plot/artbunny for my OC's relationship. @_@ Guess, I'll be drawing/writing something soon.

/looks at clock. It doesn't even feel like 9pm here. wtf. =_=;;;;

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I'm finally back in Japan to continue my study abroad...after a horrendous flight that had turbulence every 30 seconds (at least that's what it felt) and a two hour delay because of inspections to the plane in case there were damages sustained from turbulence from the previous flight. Now add to the fact I can NEVER sleep on planes, I was and still somewhat tired. =_=;;;
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It's kind of sad that school's ending in about two weeks. Next to finals, that means I'll be going back home. Granted, I'll be someplace warm and will be with family for the break...I kinda don't wanna go back. D|

I've been going back to a more reasonable sleep schedule as of late. I don't even watch the Kuroshitsuji anime at 1:30 in the morning.

Since this weekend is the one of the last weekends of freedom, I figured I should do the really important omiyage (souviener) shopping this week. I'll check out Kyoto side again to see if I can find anything.

Did a massive cleaning with my roommate. I feel terrible that most of it is mine stuff. =_=;;;; I'm definitily cutting back next semester on the buying, and more on the cleaning.

Now I wish I could just teleport back to the Seminar House so I can flop into my futon. =_=
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First of all:

I find this version of that song to so much more amusing. XD

I am so dead. Only having two hours of sleep and had a test for Japanese. Plus, today's one of my longer days. Just freaking great, right?

Why did I get so little sleep? You see, I had a paper due today, which involved interviewing someone particpating in a fandom. It wasn't until the last class where the professor said to interview a Japanese person. So I interviewed one girl I knew (because I just fail at socializing with other Japanese okay). Go figure that she wasn't that into the scene. Luckily, I had interviewed Amy-senpai earlier and the paper said it was okay to interview multiple people. So lo and behold, I managed to BS whip up a four page paper from it...

I'm just lucky I have a nice gap bwteen afternoon classes, so I can catch up. Plus, there's no new huge projects assigned yet. So tonight might end up as writing stuff for the KHR kink meme (because Xanxus/Sanzo porn is a must), drawing up a thank you gift for the girl I interviewed, and drawing more pron. XDDD Besides, there's no anime I'm interested that airs on Wednesday nights. =w= I think tonight is a shrimp stirfry night. I deserve to treat myself. (Although a green apple chuhai would also be nice.)
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Today's the last day of freedom. Yep, I start school tomorrow. DX Gods, that means studying for the AP exams. Well, at least I have 20th century literature, Philosophy, Wind Ensemble, and Digital Media Design to look forward too.

Finished Pacific University's application. Now I'm looking into to scholarships. Gods, I hate this crap...*dies at the computer*

RP=Fanfiction idea? )

Ooh, I've been slacking off with drawings. It's not like I forgot my comissions. I just tend to get nervous when it comes to posting them b/c I feel they may not be to their liking. And my perfectionist side gets the best of me. -_-
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found out my schedule today.

homeroom: Killebrew (I like him. Nice guy.)
period 1: Wind Ensemble (^_^ *very happy*)
period 2: Japanese v (Yay!)
period 3: Calculus AP (I HATE MATH!!)
period 4: American Justice (Order in the Court!)
period 5: Digital Media Design (Photoshop! ^_^)
period 6: 19th Century Lit.
period 7: Enviromental Science AP

I got the classes I wanted. ^_^ Damn neighbors next door are arguing again. STFU!!! Gods...

Last day of freedom tomorrow...*sigh*
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I finally got some friggin' fanfiction up! I think it's been more than two years since I uploaded something. And yes, it's a Xiaolin Showdown fanfiction. I posted up the prologue and the first chapter this morning. It's rated M due to violent content, language and what not. Not to mention Wuya and Yamiryu duke it out in the first chapter...

In my mini-shop at Gaia, Fence won my freebie and so I need to get my ass back in gear to finish up everybody else's request. I only finished one so far and the rest are still in the drafting process. -_-
Speaking of about Gaia, are any of the rps I'm on still alive. Fence is around, but he still hasn't responded.

I'm almost done cleaning up this laptop I'm on. We're finally going to have our own computer now. but the sad thing is that my mom won't be working at kaimuki anymore. due to low student body numbers, they're cutting back. one of the other librarians doesn't want to retire, claiming she wants to work for forty years...hence my mom will start working at kalani high school starting from this fall.

starting from tonight, i'll be doing night lessons at the 'oleo tv station, learning video editing. i'm pretty excited. so i'll be doing some practice driving, sat prep class, and volunteering at 'oleo...but I still gotta pick out my colleges, find scholarships, start my common applications form....argh. ><''' UH is probably my "most likely to get in" college while maybe Linfield, UoP, and University of Redlands are my ideal colleges. i want to major in Japanese and business (even though my math skills aren't too great. i'm gonna die when i get into ap calculus...O.o) but also study abroad to Japan and maybe another mainland college. but we're definetly runing out of cash and i'm not even in college yet. gods, i'm screwed.

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