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Fuck everything and I have no fucking idea what to do anymore.

My paranoia and fear of every small game I ever been in is creeping back again with TVK now. It's not just me, but Saori has been hit pretty badly by the chain of events going on. It's tempting to drop but I'm going to try to stick to it. In the case it gets too much...I don't know. 

I'm just gonna go on a slowatus for now. Besides I should focus on Mayfield as well. I have been tempted to app to another game, most likely the Library or maybe Southvale. Again this is all tentative so yeah...

RL wise...I'm surviving. Two of my coworkers that I was pretty close to are leaving the company this week. Honestly, I don't blame them. There's too much stupid shit going on with how things work. I need to stick it out some more though. I need the work experience. Most places prefer seeing people work at a least two years that's why. 

I'll find some way to make it through.
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So, I finally managed to take some photos of the XS doujin I know some people wanted to see. However, I have a problem. I was planning to use my LJ photo gallery to upload the photos but it's not cooperating with me. Is there a place where I can upload some NSFW stuff? I really don't want my photobucket account to be banned for such stuff...:|

And in other news I got myself a Twitter account.

Shamisen lesson on Thursday, so I don't expect me to be online for the day.

I finally figured out where I'll be staying in Tokyo during the spring break. It's called the Sakura Hostel in Asakusa. (Extra bonus so close to Akihabara!) I heard it's got good reviews and I checked it out. Seems promising. Don't worry guys, I'll be alright. I won't bring my laptop with me to Tokyo, so I won't be on from March 14th to the 17th my time. Maybe I can poke my head in some internet cafe or something. Oh and Souji, thanks for recommending places to visit. X3 I'll be sure to take lots of photos and what not.

You know what I love about multifandom RPs? It's helping to expand my list of fandoms/reviving past ones. Been watching Cromartie High School and it's pure crack. I've only found the English dubs, and though I hate ADV dubbing, I find it to be hilarious. Also going back to read One Piece. I'm only at chapter 185 out of over 9000, but I'll find some way to catch up. XD

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