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Well, the 2-day orientation wasn't too bad. It was only super bad when we went over company policies and stuff in the morning. There wasn't enough coffee to keep me awake for that. Though we did get to speak up to the other departments like the cooks, utility, and even the managers and what stuff needed to be done to our stores. Not to mention there was really good food around. =w= The only drawback about having the orientation pratically so far away was dealing with the traffic since it ended just when people ended their work. Took maybe an hour plus to get back.

I managed to get several sketches done for my Project Verde character, but now I need to make icons of them. I've yet to complete one yet since I don't like how my line art is turning out. Maybe it's because I haven't been touching my tablet lately or something, but it somehow feels so odd to be using a tablet even though I had this one for almost 4 years (since I bought when I first went into college).

I know it would be a lot easier to just find an already existing PB, but I feel like it's not my character if it's nothing at like how I drew them. I'm just picky like that. BTW, I managed to get the app done. It can be found here, but I need to fix it up a bit and it might change in the future.

I was just checking around some of my fave Japanese KHR artists and I came across this: A Xanxus, Squalo and BESTER doujinshi anthology.

F-list, I apologize for my fangirl flailing, but I love those three. Especially Bester, since I play him in the KHR DR and there's stuff from artist like EBIten who's stuff I love. Damn you Japan for releasing that when I'm no longer there! Ahh, lots of artists are releasing stuff since it's/near Comiket season. I would love to visit that one day, no matter how fucking crazy it gets. Comic City was fun, but Comiket is like the ultimate event to go to.

Still no progress on translating the Xanxus story from the Hidden Bullet Novels. So far, I've only gotten maybe a page or two done. It's my first job of doing a full on translation, this project's like 40+ pages long. But I do know that the story  happened a month before the Ring Battle, has a novel-only character by the name of Ottavio, and it involves a suprise attack and capture of a man-made island called Male Diabora. (IDK if this translation is right since I have no background in Italian. orz)

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