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Fuck everything and I have no fucking idea what to do anymore.

My paranoia and fear of every small game I ever been in is creeping back again with TVK now. It's not just me, but Saori has been hit pretty badly by the chain of events going on. It's tempting to drop but I'm going to try to stick to it. In the case it gets too much...I don't know. 

I'm just gonna go on a slowatus for now. Besides I should focus on Mayfield as well. I have been tempted to app to another game, most likely the Library or maybe Southvale. Again this is all tentative so yeah...

RL wise...I'm surviving. Two of my coworkers that I was pretty close to are leaving the company this week. Honestly, I don't blame them. There's too much stupid shit going on with how things work. I need to stick it out some more though. I need the work experience. Most places prefer seeing people work at a least two years that's why. 

I'll find some way to make it through.
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 Well, I'm surviving work and barely scraping by RP wise if you want the bare bones of it.

To everyone in my f-list who has graduated or already did this year, congratulations to you all!

I haven't bought a 3DS yet because there always something that comes up that I end up buying so I'm just saving up and just waiting until my b-day comes. Unless there's a 3DS bundle when Ocarina of Time is released, which is pretty much confirmed to not happen. I asked a guy at gamestop about it and yeah...no. But they might be doing something for a new Zelda game. So...wait, you're not gonna bundle a classic game that will definitely get fans buying it....oh well, their lost I guess. Well, that's assuming my DS can hang in there. It still works but I'm just worried about the screens. They're not falling apart to the degree of my old ones, but I have a feeling they're on their way if I'm not careful enough.
I did go to Kawaii Kon on that friday, but I somehow ended up missing some people, but I did get to see a few around too. Plus, I got a Keroro plushie. Remind me to cosplay him for next year's con.
Fandom wise, I recently began reading Berserk. So awesome and yet you really have to wonder what the hell goes through the manga-ka's mind sometimes. I also need to catch up with Gokaiger and Tiger & Bunny.

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