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It's been more than a month since I updated. Though not much as has happened really.  Still unemployed and all that jazz. I have a job offer but I need to finish up a cover letter as part of the registration. Zippy's hasn't called me back since my first interview but the position is still open. I'm still rather hesitant to call since, I'm not gonna lie, I'm much more comfortable with emailing/texting rather than calling. I actually prefer if people call me instead.

Though today and a for some other days this week, I'll have to help Mom with stuff around at her school since they're getting ready for the new school year. It's mostly updating the computers and also handing out the students their books. It also gets me out of the house, so I am grateful for that.

RP-wise, I was a little slow in learning MM died, but I still have fond memories of it. PV is rather slow and Island I'm doing alright. Though I have been debating about joining another game, though I'm not sure which character and which game I'd go for.

Just about a week ago was my b-day but I haven't really done anything about it. Just waiting for my new debit card to come in so I can buy Psychonauts from Steam since Paypal doesn't want to work with me. :/

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Jun. 1st, 2010 02:29 pm
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In before "baww" but post-college life kinda sucks )
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I'M FOREVER DONE WITH FINALS!!!! And graduation's this Saturday!
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Papers, sentai and...fish sticks and custard? )
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I couldn't help it. Gold/Silver was my favorite generation of Pokemon. Working on meeting Morty, the fourth gym leader, right now, so lots of level grinding before anything else.  Been using my Pokewalker too, but it's more like my roommate's abusing it for her own entertainment. I'm very pleased with this remake, save for the fast leveling and egg producing when it comes to the day care. Seriously, I leave my Eevees there for maybe less than five minutes and they churned out 3 eggs while I was gone.

Well aside from the gaming, I'm trying to get other stuff done too. Mostly thesis and other papers. The next two weeks are gonna kill me. It's mostly because I ended being part of the luau show preview which is a week before the actual luau. And during these two weeks, there will be night rehearsals too. Let's hope I get some homework done during the rehearsals. Also got to get some drawings done for people. On a random note, I've the urge to visit the Oregon Zoo. I guess it would be nice to have animal references if I ever draw them.

First off, I want to appologize to people who said I was going to Sakuracon because I will not be able to go due to money constraints and other shit going on.  I really wanted to go but I messed up on pre-reg, trying to get a ride up and a room. I'm really sorry guys. D:

And if things get too hectic for the next two weeks, I'll probably call a hiatus.
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Getting ready for luau, burnouts and rp? )
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Well, the first week of spring semester's gone. So far, not too bad. There's a lot more reading that usual since I'm taking Medieval History and Japanese Modern Narrative.  Regardless, I have classes with professors I'm familiar with and have fun....sort of. Capstone/Thesis is just going to kick my ass again. Maruki is hoping to have it done before Spring Break. That would help out a lot since school's even more busy due to dance practices and the actual luau night.

I'm still debating about going to Sakura Con because I do want to go, but I'm not sure if my schedule will allow me to do so. OTL

Might have to go into Portland tomorrow to Powell's Books to see if I can get the rest of my texts at a cheaper price. There's four books for history, and three for Narative, but I got the texts needed now for this and next weeks' assignments. Still, it never hurts to read ahead.

Also, I think I managed to destroy my external hard drive, Tsugaru. I'm having the tech people on campus take a look at it. They said there might be a small chance of recovering all my files, but they'll take a better look over the weekend. So yeah, they have my laptop as well, therefore my internet usage/twitter will be limited. Maybe it's for the best for now so I can focus more. I just my laptop back soon.
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Out of the warmth of Hawaii and into the cold of Oregon )
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Finally done with my Japanese final. The most painful exam I've taken from that professor EVER. Now to finish up on revisions for my ch. 2 of thesis (which isn't even done. guess I'll be doing that during the two week break) and Writing Fiction. Hopefully with those done, I'll be able to get a new laptop.

To celebrate surviving the hard stuff, I found this awesome Nico Nico Douga song collab called "Smiling". Halyosy composed the song and some of my favorite NND singers like Hitori are in this.

And randomly, my roommate's brother came in from Seattle and we ended up watching a part of "The Big Bang Theory" season. I freaking love it. I'll have to find more episodes when I get my laptop.
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Cleaning, computer work, and school )
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So sore from snowboarding today. It was a scary, but fun. I think I ate it like 20+ for sure. I'll have to sit in the hot tub for sure. Probably won't do any excessive tomorrow, but hopefully in the afternoon I can walk around. Guess I'll use that time to do homework.

No snowboarding during Thanksgiving. It was mostly devoted to getting from Seattle to Whistler. We stopped by in Vancouver for lunch. I hope one day I can stay there longer. It seems so wonderful. Dinner was a turkey, brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie.

Now I'm just waiting for dinner. I'm making breakfast tomorrow. BTW, Canadian bacon is delicious. Not the kind on pizza. The actual bacon made in Canada.
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Saturday was a damn good day.

Got me a new scarf and two necklaces from American Eagle and had lunch at Todai's. Pretty much an all day trip with the Video Games Live concert to top it all off.

My throat will be raw when I wake up, without a doubt. The Oregon Symphony was so fucking amazing along with the Pacific Youth choir. There homages to so many games: Halo, Warcraft, Super Mario Brothers, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, all the 8-bit games, Guitar Hero, Castlevania, Civilization, and more. It felt more like a rock concert than a symphonic concert with everyone screaming, fangirling/fanboying and maybe jizz in their pants. Over all, song after song, the concert made me shiver in delight.

They did a segment for "Space Invaders". The volunteer from the audience had to wear a shirt with the player's ship design on the back. In order to move the ship around, he basically had to run back and forth on the stage as they played. Though he failed to clear the stage, it was incredibly fun.

For the Guitar Hero part, they made the winner of the preshow's GH competition play a song from Aerosmith. If he could score past 100,000, he wins and he did. (Though I still think they should have done "Through the Fire and the Flames" though that would be hard to arrange for an orchestra.)

There was even an appearance  via skype of the man who invented Pong, the first video game. It's hard to believe it's been 40 years since video games were born. They even showed the first video clip of Pong being played from the 1960s.

They even brought in the pianist who could play the Super Mario Brothers theme blindfolded. He did a medley of Final Fantasy songs, the SMB theme obviously, and joined in the Castlevania homage. 

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Halloween was average this year. Strangely enough, I got me some new shoes that day. I'll post a photo later if anyone's interested. So, I had to scrap my human!Keroro costume that day since it was clear I wasn't going to get it done in time. Ended up going as a goth girl of sorts (at least that's what my roommate called it).

Had dinner with my friends. Two of my friends took forever to get their Jedi outfits done, so we missed a dance or two in the area. We managed to take photos since one of my friends, Reese, is an avid photographer. So he was experimenting with lighting and stuff while the guys did poses with their lightsabers.

Oh and I managed to download 6 Hetalia FSTs and a few other songs. So huzzah for around 4 days worth of music now on my iTunes.

Classwise, I had my advising/registration period for next semester. For Winter III, I'm taking two classes about first aid and injury prevention. Winter III is an optional course my school has. Classes happen five times a week for three hours. It allows students to take up a class they wouldn't normally take. My past courses were about the Crusades and Alfred Hitchcock films.

Taking more Japanese courses next semester, along with the second part of the Capstone/Thesis class. Oh fun. Debating whether to take another art course or maybe a history course (I blame Hetalia for sparking an interest in history again!).

Icon Meme Time! )
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Good news is that I got my new Bamboo tablet on Friday. I still need to get used to it since it's really different from my old graphire tablet. But it never felt better to hold that pen in my hand. *__*

College is going by too fucking fast. It's around midterms time, so everyone's stressing out. It doesn't help that since our college switched to a 4 credit system, there's even more stress. I was originally going for an art minor, but it's impossible now since all the art classes now happen at the same time. WHY?!

Also, class registration for Winter III and Spring semester are coming up. I might take the First Aid class for Winter III since that could be a useful skill to learn. Besides, most of those classes are either travel courses, which I can't afford, or lab classes for the science majors. And no, I do NOT want to any of the art classes being held at home. Sure, it would be nice to stay home, but I don't like staying at my own home. It just doesn't feel like a home, like I can't get comfortable in the very place where I've lived for so long.

Saturday was the World Hetalia meet up in Portland. It was cool meeting up with different people in the area. Didn't cosplay, but I just wore my "FOB outfit" as my roommate Telleh calls it. The funny thing is, it happened around the same time the Portland Zombie Walk happened. Zombies + Personified Countries = Win. Later that night, it was Casino Night at the college. Around this time, parents are invited to see the campus and this is an event they goes on. I suck at blackjack or any card games in general, so I stuck to my favorite: roulette. I mostly had good luck,  but I ended up getting cocky in the end, and only gained $100. OTL I'm glad this wasn't actual gambling involved.
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Guess who's going to Whistler this Thanksgiving? :D Bought my tickets to Seattle, where I'll be meeting up with my cousin. Going to learn how to snowboard and fail so hard. Will buy my new tablet later in the future.

Finally got my food stamps Wednesday. Though it meant wasting an entire afternoon where I could've done work, it was worth the wait and skipping lunch. I just ended up getting Kevin Ruddolf's "Let it Rock" stuck in my head in the process. (The only reason why I found this song was because I watched videos of Quest Crew, from America's Best Dance Crew.)

Drawing class is going very well. I was skeptical of the class at first, but it's actually getting interesting now. Writing Fiction will soon start working on our short stories. I might go back use one of my previous writing exercise about the girl working in a maid cafe in Akihabara. It just grew on me, so I just have work on making it a 12-20 page short story.

Despite being tired since I stayed up til 3am, the urge to rearrange my room kicked in. So now I have more desk space to work with, which always make me happy. Now the problem would be keeping this place clean. XD

I just found out there's a World Hetalia Meet up in Portland. Debating ifI should go or not.

That reminds me, I should hurry up and finalize my plans for Human!Keroro cosplay. There's so many ways I've seen Keroro humanized, so it's hard to pick exactly what to go for.
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Day trips, RP, and ...stuff )
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Classes, Workstudy, and...a dead tablet? )

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Meh, still having the same fall out with MM.  Or maybe it's just roleplaying in general. I feel like I somehow lost it. Like, it's no longer enjoyable like before. Maybe it's because I put the most of my rp self into Xanxus that when I dropped him, everything fell apart. But let's face it, I (unintentionally) made him OOC, didn't make any progress about that,  and people were getting sick of it. I'm sure I made some people happy by doing them a favor by dropping him.

I don't even feel like putting Keroro back on, even though I'm updating myself with the canon. Hell, I managed to grab my hands on all the opening and ending themes of the anime that were available. (That's 22 songs right there. Seriously, it's been 5 years since the anime started? Amazing!)

Dissidia: Final Fantasy's coming to the states soon. *_* Yes, yes, I played a bit while I was in Japan, but I really do want this game. I love what they did to the characters of FF I to FF VI. Especially Firion (FF II) and Cecil (FFIV). Makes me wanna rp them, but I'm not confident enough to play them.

Working the weekend again. Last weekend was hell to the extreme, especially Friday. That weekend, there was a local concert known as KCCN's Birthday Bash, which happens every summer at Waikiki. We're fairly close to Waikiki (along with the Kahala and Kapahulu Zippy's), so we got a large portion of people returning from the concert. And this was just after 10pm, when the normal swing shift people end their shift. I ended up staying there until midnight as the register and that was not fun at all. All three Zippy's were packed. But at least that's over. D| Sunday, thankfully, was a nice decent shift.

Saturday, I went up to the North Shore/Old Haleiwa to help out our sister temple's bon dance. I'll have the photos up later. Mostly worked in the vendor's area, getting out the drink overs. My hands were completely numb from getting out the water bottles and canned drinks from the coolers lined with ice. At the end of the night, we sold out of a lot of things. The lanturn floating went very well since the weather was good, and the ocean wasn't too rough. (Seriously, the temple's right next to the beach. Talk about convinient.)

One more month until I go back to Oregon for school. Crap, I still need to more studying and stuff. orz

Today, I had to go to my mom's highschool and help out with stuff before they start classes. She's got tendonitis in her right shoulder, so she can't lift heavy stuff. (Luckily, she's getting therapy for that.) So I had to move some of the computers in the library and also changed their wallpapers. Seriously, DOE, fuck you for blocking places like DA, LJ and domains where people put most of their pics up. :| But hey, there's K-On, KHR, Keroro Gunso, and even Chi's Sweet Home wallpapers on those comps. XD
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Bored Miki is bored and can't bring self to RP to fullest today. So first off...

Also, will be working today, Thursday and practically the entire weekend. On Saturday, I'll be at Haleiwa on the North Shore side of the island to help out with the bon dance (aka Bon Matsuri). Will take photos, but since it'll be night time, they will be on the lower quality side since I have the worse luck with night shots.

Been thinking about what to do after I graduate. There's a good chance I'll be doing the JET program and going back to Japan for a year, but I'm rather conflicted about seriously going or not. I'll have to talk to my Mom's friend who's works with the program for the Japan consulate here.

Also, I got my hands on a 1 TB external hard drive yesterday. I haven't put everything into it yet, but at least I have more space for my laptop. Been also listening to lots of Vocaloid songs since last night too. WTF, self, WTF.

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Your result for Roleplayer Test!...

The Shipper

Random, Character-Oriented, Sexual

As a Shipper, your focus in roleplay is romantic and sexual tension. It could be a certain ship or a variety of ships, but character relationships (and not the friendship kind) are what make roleplay fun for you. However, it's not necessarily sex: unlike the Smutfic, you're more interested in how and why and how your characters change and develop before they "get anywhere" rather than whether or not they actually do. You like to develop characters as much as possible, but often forget that any unrelated outside plot exists; you also tend to empathize with your characters a little too much: when things start going badly IC, it tends to mess with your OOC emotions.

Take Roleplayer Test!
at HelloQuizzy


 ...Damnit I hate it when quizzes are right about yourself. I'm actually torn between laughing and crying about this.

Birthday went well, I suppose. Could've been better, but I think I had worse before. A bit of family drama flared up and ruined that night. Well, at least I get to have dinner and a drink with my friend Rae tomorrow since she invited me. Huzzah for Dave and Buster's.

Been going to t-mobile lately about upgrading my phone. Sadly, we found out my Japanese phone could only work in Japan, so we can't do the whole 'insert sim card and no problem'. My mom's contract with t-mobile expired before I left for Japan, but we're thinking about doing a one year contract and getting a better phone (plus a texting plan for once).

Got some info about applying for the JET program from a friend of Mom who still works at the Japan Consulate here. Honestly, I'd rather go for my masters first before doing JET, but everyone is like "why are you waiting, just app for it and go right after you graduate'. I'm going to be very busy this fall. Oh joy.

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