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I think I died and went to heaven when I got there. During the last Comic City, I wasn't into Reborn, but this time around was totally different. If I wasn't so tired from walking and just getting to and from Intex Osaka, I'd go on even further.

Being the XS fanatic I am, I immediately went for the Reborn section. AND OMG, THERE WERE SO MANY CIRCLES DOING XS. And the circles Hage and Chabo-445 were there too.  And now for some pics of the doujin I got since I couldn't take photos inside Comic City


And if anyone's asking for scans, I DO NOT have a scanner on me, and I do not want to lug all of them to Gaidai to scan them (let alone get some weird looks from the computer staff). I'll try to save up money in the summer for a scanner/printer since I gave my old crappy one away before I came up to Osaka. You'll have to deal with crappy photos in the mean time.

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I believe all the people on my f-list who enjoy Xanxus/Squalo will like this. So I was visiting the Shijo Animate store before I went to my shamisen class, and I came across these two beauties.
Doujinshis anyone? 8D )Been rather exhausted this week. And lugging back a shamisen from the train station is not fun. I didn't get back home until midnight Thursday. I had my bike, but it's not like a shamisen could fit in my bike basket and what not. 

I won't be around Saturday Japan time since I'm going on a tour of sorts in Kyoto with Chieko-sensei and the other Gaidai students who take lessons from her.

So I found out that the Yoshida Brothers' concert is on the same day as the field trip to see Takarazuka theater. Well, I 've seen it before and how often do you get to see the Yoshida Brothers perform live? So I might give my Takarazuka ticket to someone who's never seen it so they can enjoy it.
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Bored Miki is bored. AGAIN. =w=;;;

I figured I should post up what KHR stuff I have with me. Sadly, most of my doujins are back home.
Image heavy post is very image heavy )

My class schedule looks very promising this semester. Save for Tuesday, I start classes at 11am. X3  Taking Japanese speaking Level 4, Onna to Otoko: Gender and Sexuality in Japan (by favorite professor, Hester), Japanese Communication: Culture as Performance (since Intro to Japanese History was taken...I wanted an easy class :| ) and Religion in Japan. The longest I stay on campus will be until 4 thank goodness. Will go back to Chieko-sensei for shamisen lessons next week.

Roomies went to go do some karaoke. I'm just tired from my quick day trip to Den Den town. Was tempted to get a Xanxus/Female!Squalo doujin, but I had a feeling it was a novel, so I didn't get it. =_=;; Hence, I got that Assassino book.

I have such a love/hate relationship with "Hot N Cold" by Katy Perry now. It started from a Yamamoto/Gokudera video, but now it's spawned to a twisted plot/artbunny for my OC's relationship. @_@ Guess, I'll be drawing/writing something soon.

/looks at clock. It doesn't even feel like 9pm here. wtf. =_=;;;;

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From this entry.

I'm still accepting more characters.

Sugguested by [livejournal.com profile] lifetocome 
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Sugguested by [livejournal.com profile] prpl_pen 
To Zaraki Kenpachi )

zomg. leaving for japan tomorrow. *uber happy*
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Rebon Vol 10 in English )

Going back, books and what not. )

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