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One more day to Thanksgiving break. While I say I could use a break like this, it also means finals are coming up. I had to put a hiatus on Keroro in mallowmateys since there was no way I could do the activity checks in time. Hopefully, I can make that up in January when I come back to Oregon and only have 1 class for 3 hours in the morning until Spring Semester.

This year, I'll be heading up to Whistler to snowboard....or at least try to attempt it, if not utterly humiliate myself in front of my cousin and some of her friends. Hopefully, while I'm up there, I can work on my short story for my Writing Fiction class and my drawings for Drawing I. Maybe I'll try to outline my chapter 2 for the senior thesis. Wednesday will be dedicated to going up to Seattle to meet up with my cousin and we head out to Whistler in the morning. I won't return to campus until Monday, which means I'll actually skip Japanese class. Whoops, I should have told my professor that, but I'll email him my assignment, if anything, right?
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First of all, I want to welcome [livejournal.com profile] nwoppertje  and [livejournal.com profile] demoneyeskyo87  from the KHR friend meme. \^_^/

Let's see, I got 10 left before I go back up to Oregon for college. Turns out I'll be working long shifts starting today until Saturday. I think I also just signed up to do 7am-3pm shifts for next week. At least I'll be done with work a week from now. Must hang in there.

With that being said, I won't be around much to RP or I'll be on at weird hours. But hopefully, this will change once I go back up to school

Hawaii's getting another storm/depression, and right now it's super muggy as hell. It's pretty disgusting right actually since there's no wind around either.

I mentioned earlier about going to Sakura Con, but IDK if I really go now. It's April 2-4, but the luau is on the 10th. Usually a week before the show, that's the most stressful/busy time and this year, I'll have to worry about my thesis. Why couldn't it have been over my Spring Break instead? /sobs

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I has my own shamisen now. *A* And it only cost me 30,000 yen, which is approximately 300 USD. And that's considerably good because shamisens are much more expensive  if you don't have the right connections. Chieko sensei is just awesome like that.
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Another good thing about this week? It's Golden Week up here in Japan. Basically it a number of holidays that made legit to have half of next week a vacation. I don't have serious plans, other than heading to Umeda (to shop for an electronic dictionary and check out the Jump Store) and packing things. Can't believe this semester is almost over!

Sad that there's no manga updates, but I'm catching up with Gintama and possibly might start reading Bakuman or I might save that for summer. Saw the color poster posted in the KHR community with Reborn and the other Arcobaleno. I hope we get their backstory soon. But really, I kinda want to read about the past Vongola bosses, mainly Primo and Secondo. (And possibly the Fourth because he can pwn people with a FLAMING FORK.)

Super Comic City is on the Sunday before finals. I suppose going wouldn't hurt, but I will limit myself this time.No really, I will. Speaking of finals, they aren't that bad this time around. Just two papers and one actual exam (oral and written).

But I'm not slacking off. I got me some books to study up for the Japanese Language Profienecy test, especially if I want to do something like the JET program. According to my Japanese professor up here, Level 4, where I am, is somewhere between level 2 and 3 (2 being the higer one). Which doesn't help me because the gap between those levels is just astonding.

Level 3: Know about 300 kanji characters and 1,500 vocabulary words
Level 2: Know about 1000 kanji characters and 6,000 vocabulary words

And in other news, my grandma actually blacked out last week sunday and came back from the hospital Tuesday. Apparently, she was dehydrated, but the doctor wanted her to stay in the hospital for a bit. Also, my mom is currently in Texas. As one of the faculty advisors for the robotics team, they're going up for the National robotics championship to represent Hawaii. (Plus, it's their first time since this club was newly created, it's pretty exciting.) But with news of the swine flu, guess it would be natural that I'd be a little paranoid, but knowing Mom, she'll be fine.

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