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Despite the rain, and waiting half an hour to get inside, it was pretty awesome.

I apologize of the quality of the photos/having my face in the photos. I forgot to recharge my camera battery, so I had to use my webcam. 

First up, the catalog of all the circles participating. 4 warehouses, and they were the biggest ones available. The Jump titles had to be split into two warehouses.  And yes, that's Sengoku Basara  on the cover. There were a lot of Sengoku Basara doujinshis out now that the anime is airing.

England/Japan doujinshi for [livejournal.com profile] kiku  Doujin 1 Doujin 2 The Hetalia section was packed like mad. Lots of doujin and fanfictions there. Some even went all the way to make their publications look super professional looking.

From the XS circle Ebiten: Cocytus, a multi-volume doujinshi about the 2nd Vongola Boss and his Guardians. Vol 1
 and Vol 2 The last part won't be released until later this year. This is going on top of my "must scanlate" list.

I laughed when I saw people selling St. Young Men doujinshi. I managed to get one.
(And yes, the manga is about Jesus and Buddha living together. Anyone wanna guess why this one will never EVER show up published in the States?)

A Dino/Squalo doujin by chabbo-445. This one is going to [livejournal.com profile] kajiba  because she is awesome.

Hage and Hariya did a collab doujin.

A Lussuria doujin working on the whole family gag  with Luss as the mother.

A Varia-centered anthology

Varia-centered doujin by Hage. This time as chibi insects.

XS doujin with Bester. I was dissapointed with this one though.

A lot of the popular circles like Angelica and Hage also gave out extras. Some people got custom bags if they bought so many doujins from that circle. I got one from Hage, it's this beautiful clear folder. The pic of Xanxus is a promo poster for the XS only event.

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So today was the last day of Golden Week.

On Monday, I went to Umeda for Yodobashi Camera, one of the nation-wide electronics stores. I bought me an electronic Japanese-English dictionary. Yes, the DS Kanji dictionary is nice, it does have it's limits. Plus, when translating texts, it's always good to have multiple resources. Now, inside Y.C., there's Osaka's JUMP SHOP. That's where particular items, mostly not sold in Animate stores are. Mostly bought keychains for more souviners/gifts.

Today, I decided to meet up with Runah since I wanted to mess around one last time before I have to back to classes. So we went to Den Den Town. I hadn't been to Melon Books in a while and recently discovered their new floor which was dedicated BL, doujins and what not. And to my surprise, THEY HAD HETALIA ONE COIN FIGURES. Yes, the one's everyone in the fandom wants? I find it funny that Melon Books had them, while at the Animate, which is only half a block away, didn't. I was suprised, they had several boxes. I only bought two, but I'm glad they weren't repeats.
figures, keychain and... )

Also at Melon Books, they had a good share of doujinshis. Though my brain went dead for a second when I found TYL!RyoheixTYL!Xanxus and XanxusxLevi. But seeing that one doujin of where Tsuna's the adult and child!Xanxus is under his care is very cute. I only bought two doujins, since S.C.C. is next week. One's called "How Many Miles to Babylon" by Serohan, which is a series of cute chibi!varia centered 4-koma comics. The way they drew Bester is so cute, I'll have to make icons of them. The other one is by the circle Uzushio and the pairing is XS. No porn, but what I could read, the plot's very interesting.
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Pfft. Sorry when talking about sakura, "Sakura Addiction" comes to mind. XD As promised some photos of the sakura I took over the past week or so.

Hakanakute yasashikute, kowaresou kimi mitai na hana... )

Been considering making a community to post up writings (though mostly original stuff since I'm easily intimidated when it comes to fanfiction), drawing wips, etc. Haven't thought of a name for it yet though.

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I think I died and went to heaven when I got there. During the last Comic City, I wasn't into Reborn, but this time around was totally different. If I wasn't so tired from walking and just getting to and from Intex Osaka, I'd go on even further.

Being the XS fanatic I am, I immediately went for the Reborn section. AND OMG, THERE WERE SO MANY CIRCLES DOING XS. And the circles Hage and Chabo-445 were there too.  And now for some pics of the doujin I got since I couldn't take photos inside Comic City


And if anyone's asking for scans, I DO NOT have a scanner on me, and I do not want to lug all of them to Gaidai to scan them (let alone get some weird looks from the computer staff). I'll try to save up money in the summer for a scanner/printer since I gave my old crappy one away before I came up to Osaka. You'll have to deal with crappy photos in the mean time.

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I'm not one to take many photos, but I just uploaded majority of the photos of my little Kyoto temples and shrines  on face book.

Part 1

Part 2

Okay basic rundown of what happened. Semi TL;DR but hey it took all day!

We started off in the Shijo area, where we walk basically around going through Gion and the other numbered districts. Visited many temples and shrines and bought a few omamori (protective charms). I suppose I got one for success in love out of pure lulz since I'm really not heavily invested in that area. Reborn fans will get a kick out of this, a few of the Buddhist temples mentioned Rokudo in their teachings. Now I'm ready to bring them pineapples for offerings. Had lunch in Nijo in some fancy sushi place that had a beautiful garden outside. Even saw a maiko (apprentice geisha) entertaining some guests with a shamisen player. It was pretty amazing.

We took the subway afterward, to where Tenmaguu was located. Visited the Seimei Shrine, the "sports" shrine as I call it, among other things. The ume(plum) blossoms were so beautiful. No wonder a good portion of my photos were those flowers. Sakura should be blooming pretty soon as it gets warmer. Looking forward to that!

Next post, I suppose I'll post up those doujin samples I promised along with a few of the omamori I bought.

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Bored Miki is bored. AGAIN. =w=;;;

I figured I should post up what KHR stuff I have with me. Sadly, most of my doujins are back home.
Image heavy post is very image heavy )

My class schedule looks very promising this semester. Save for Tuesday, I start classes at 11am. X3  Taking Japanese speaking Level 4, Onna to Otoko: Gender and Sexuality in Japan (by favorite professor, Hester), Japanese Communication: Culture as Performance (since Intro to Japanese History was taken...I wanted an easy class :| ) and Religion in Japan. The longest I stay on campus will be until 4 thank goodness. Will go back to Chieko-sensei for shamisen lessons next week.

Roomies went to go do some karaoke. I'm just tired from my quick day trip to Den Den town. Was tempted to get a Xanxus/Female!Squalo doujin, but I had a feeling it was a novel, so I didn't get it. =_=;; Hence, I got that Assassino book.

I have such a love/hate relationship with "Hot N Cold" by Katy Perry now. It started from a Yamamoto/Gokudera video, but now it's spawned to a twisted plot/artbunny for my OC's relationship. @_@ Guess, I'll be drawing/writing something soon.

/looks at clock. It doesn't even feel like 9pm here. wtf. =_=;;;;

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