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Tomorrow's the day I go back to Oregon. I got most of my packing done, but there's always something else I find to pack. OTL

Watching Ayakashi: Japanese Classic Horror's Bakeneko story arc and the spin-off series Mononoke. Once I get a better internet connection, I'll watch more Keroro Gunso episodes and start Baccano and finish several other series I stopped watching over the summer.

I only have three classes, but I'm going to talk to my advisor about being a mentor for a lower Japanese class. I start classes Monday, so Sunday will be the unpacking and getting items too.

And now for the actual icon meme:

01. Comment to this entry saying 'ICONS!' and I will pick 6 of your icons.
02. Make an entry in your own journal and talk about the icons I picked!

[personal profile] ranty_rie picked out my icons

Seven Awesome Icons )
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The How's My Driving? Meme

Now that's out of the way, five more days until I go back to Oregon~.

Today, the 9-4 shift guy was out, so instead of staying until 1 like I was scheduled, I stayed until four. I still kinda feel dead from despite having dinner and a nice shower. I gotta call it a night eventually, though I'd rather be up RP'ing. Still haven't jumped in to play in Project Verde. orz

No progress with packing tonight either. Though I did manage to get a lot done yesterday, since I had no work. I picked out the doujins I wanted to scan (and maybe one or two I could translate if time allows it??? I'm kinda iffy about cleaning scans and stuff.) I was sad I did miss out on a shamisen concert that happened that afternoon though.

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The weekend trip to my grandparents' home went very well. Took 3.5 hours to get there via bullet train and rental car. Dad took me around the area, even up the tip of the Noto penisula. My grandparents live in Anamizu, though it's pretty far off from the main city since they're rice farmers. Managed to get lots of sleep too since everything is pitch black when the sun sets. I has photos and stuff, but I will post them later. And if I forget, you're more than welcome to yell at me. XD

Finished all my business with Gaidai. Just have to cancel my phone contract now. (Seriously, you'd think in a town where there's a lot of foreigners, there would be more locals who can speak some English...But most times, I have to tell them, "I'm a study abroad student. Could you explain it in easier terms, please? I feel like such an idiot since I still can't understand keigo...)

)Well, I had to send another box home today. It was mostly my textbooks and my laptop bag because my shamisen's going to be one of my carry-on luggage. Seriously, do you think I'd trust the lugguage people with it? You could probably paste the entire case with "FRAGILE" stickers and they still would toss it like it's indestrucible or something.

Also had arrangements to have my check-in baggage sent to the airport. So I just have to pick them up once I get to the airport. So basically, all that's left is to do some laundry work and last minute stuff to pack.

Seeing my shamisen teacher tomorrow and staying over at friend's place for the last time.

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