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So I have a Seminar House meeting at 6 today. I really want to say "Screw that. I'm starving and I'd like to get home now, kthxbai," but that' s not the case. Knowing one else from my apartment unit would go, I'll be the sole rep. *sighs*

Need start writing up my entry for the April Org-Infinity event, considering this will be my chance to finally write up Amixy's backstory. Oh, and do a gift art for my RP buddy Teresa.

Actually went to bed at 10pm the other night. I guess my body didn't feel like staying up to 3 am as usual. :|

Nothing much else to report really. OH, and the sakura are bloom. Will do some flower viewing this weekend. though I do want to go see the ones at Kiyomizu-dera in Kyoto at night since they light up the trees, which makes them even more prettier.
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I'm finally done with my monthly projects for Org-Infinity. *facedesk* I stayed up to 6 am today to get the Halloween done. =3= I admit it was fun despite the time crunch. Now, I can work on my character sheets for Wielders of Ruin and maybe Arx Fatalis.

I got to see Chieko sensei today, so I was very happy today. Well, not as happy when I bought 3 Hitman Reborn doujinshis at Animate. *is shot*

There's no classes tomorrow since it's clean up day from the International Festival (aka INFES) this weekend. I could use a break after everything. Plus, I've been having the sniffles lately, but nothing serious. It's getting colder up here, as well as dry. Well better than raining constantly, I suppose.

As for Halloween, I'm waiting for people to post up pics from the Seminar House party for my pics. (Yay for Uke Cat Boy with a sign that says "Adopt Me Please" and "I'm looking for a good master" (the latter in Japanese) xD )

And on another note, Green Apple chuhais are awesome. XD
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Awesome converastion on AIM with Frankie (aka Kinno-Nabi on DA). We were talking about our's, Amixy and Xualii, and Shaku-chan's nobody, Khaxus.

Oh and I got a call back from the Manoa Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf store for an interview. Yay! 8D

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