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Anime recommendation: Keroro Gunso aka Sargent Frog.

Honestly, I love the anime more than the manga. It's been on the air for about six years now and reaching the 300 episode mark. It's no wonder no one, to my knowledge, has subbed ALL the episodes. (Goddamnit, I want to know about the Shurara corps!)  Oh, and did I mention there are currently 4 movies too?

O_O All the episodes are amazing. It's a rather well-rounded show. When I'm feeling down, this show always has some way of cheering me up. Yes, they got licensed by Funimation, but holy crap, the dub's pretty good. (I'm so glad they changed Keroro's VA because I would've disowned Funimation if they stuck to their first choice of Vic Mangina.) And this is coming from someone who's mostly sticks to subs or raws, if it's easy to translate.
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Updated my muse box [livejournal.com profile] kansaiphones  with a HMD meme and a muse suggestion post. I encourage people to send in their inputs.

I've been having a bit of a fall out with MM lately. I'm pretty sure it has to deal with the fact I dropped Xanxus from the game.

Watched maybe 8 or 10 episodes of Keroro Gunso. It seriously makes me wish we had more rpers for this awesome series.

Work tonight sucked because for some reason why, Thursday nights are hell nights for us.

But at least I have the bon dance to look forward to Saturday. Will be dancing the Pokemon ondo and Fukushima ondo (one of the few dances with live music). I'll be mostly working in the food stands, getting all the drinks though, so no yukata wearing for me.

Note to self: Stop listening to so many Vocaloid songs. It's making me wish I had bought it while up in Japan even though I don't have song writing skills. orz  If there are any Vocaloid fans on my f-list, my fave has to Luka. I like older mature voices better even though I love singing songs like "World is Mine". They've been inspiring sketches, but nothing serious yet. I feel so horrible for abandoning my y-gallery and DA pages.

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