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I'm finally done with my monthly projects for Org-Infinity. *facedesk* I stayed up to 6 am today to get the Halloween done. =3= I admit it was fun despite the time crunch. Now, I can work on my character sheets for Wielders of Ruin and maybe Arx Fatalis.

I got to see Chieko sensei today, so I was very happy today. Well, not as happy when I bought 3 Hitman Reborn doujinshis at Animate. *is shot*

There's no classes tomorrow since it's clean up day from the International Festival (aka INFES) this weekend. I could use a break after everything. Plus, I've been having the sniffles lately, but nothing serious. It's getting colder up here, as well as dry. Well better than raining constantly, I suppose.

As for Halloween, I'm waiting for people to post up pics from the Seminar House party for my pics. (Yay for Uke Cat Boy with a sign that says "Adopt Me Please" and "I'm looking for a good master" (the latter in Japanese) xD )

And on another note, Green Apple chuhais are awesome. XD
kansaiphones: (Kuroshitsuji)
[Error: unknown template qotd]The Kabuki play: "Toukaido Yotsuya Kaidan" has to be my favorite ghost story hands down, considering that I don't like ghost stories that much. And I would love to see it performed one day. *A*

Oiwa, the main character of this story, is what inspired so many Japanese horror films like "Ringu" and "Ju-on". And the curse of Oiwa is said to still be continuing 180 years after it was written by Tsurya Nanboku IV, causing many accidents and deaths to actors and production crew alike. Many aspects of her are based on mutlitple ghost stories and actual people, she is still shrouded in mystery.

And yes, I downloaded the anime version from the series "Ayakashi: Japanese Classic Horror" which also created another favorite character of mine, the Medicine Seller (aka Kusuri-uri) from the story "Bakeneko" and became a spin off series known as "Mononoke".

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