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Finally done with my Japanese final. The most painful exam I've taken from that professor EVER. Now to finish up on revisions for my ch. 2 of thesis (which isn't even done. guess I'll be doing that during the two week break) and Writing Fiction. Hopefully with those done, I'll be able to get a new laptop.

To celebrate surviving the hard stuff, I found this awesome Nico Nico Douga song collab called "Smiling". Halyosy composed the song and some of my favorite NND singers like Hitori are in this.

And randomly, my roommate's brother came in from Seattle and we ended up watching a part of "The Big Bang Theory" season. I freaking love it. I'll have to find more episodes when I get my laptop.
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One more day to Thanksgiving break. While I say I could use a break like this, it also means finals are coming up. I had to put a hiatus on Keroro in mallowmateys since there was no way I could do the activity checks in time. Hopefully, I can make that up in January when I come back to Oregon and only have 1 class for 3 hours in the morning until Spring Semester.

This year, I'll be heading up to Whistler to snowboard....or at least try to attempt it, if not utterly humiliate myself in front of my cousin and some of her friends. Hopefully, while I'm up there, I can work on my short story for my Writing Fiction class and my drawings for Drawing I. Maybe I'll try to outline my chapter 2 for the senior thesis. Wednesday will be dedicated to going up to Seattle to meet up with my cousin and we head out to Whistler in the morning. I won't return to campus until Monday, which means I'll actually skip Japanese class. Whoops, I should have told my professor that, but I'll email him my assignment, if anything, right?
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FINALS. A permanent "DONOTWANT" item.

I also got accepted to play Spanner from KHR in an RP. IOW, I'm now the second residential pedobear weebo of the characters. XD I'm seriously having a blast, despite studying for finals and what not, and I'm already planning to apply for another character.

Gotta print out some photos for Ojii-chan and Obaachan. Not to mention actually call them. Now, they're the nicest people, but I'm just terrified when I'm calling them. Not only are they quite elderly, but I can't understand a single thing they say due to their dialect. (Must ask Mom to give me a crash course on it.) Also have to call Dad. I'm pretty sure he would like to know about the shamisen recital.

Shamisen recital is next week Sunday. I'm only playing one song, but geez, I'm a total wreck about it. Still can't play the last few lines. I'll be leaving Japan for the winter break the next day. D8

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