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Despite the rain, and waiting half an hour to get inside, it was pretty awesome.

I apologize of the quality of the photos/having my face in the photos. I forgot to recharge my camera battery, so I had to use my webcam. 

First up, the catalog of all the circles participating. 4 warehouses, and they were the biggest ones available. The Jump titles had to be split into two warehouses.  And yes, that's Sengoku Basara  on the cover. There were a lot of Sengoku Basara doujinshis out now that the anime is airing.

England/Japan doujinshi for [livejournal.com profile] kiku  Doujin 1 Doujin 2 The Hetalia section was packed like mad. Lots of doujin and fanfictions there. Some even went all the way to make their publications look super professional looking.

From the XS circle Ebiten: Cocytus, a multi-volume doujinshi about the 2nd Vongola Boss and his Guardians. Vol 1
 and Vol 2 The last part won't be released until later this year. This is going on top of my "must scanlate" list.

I laughed when I saw people selling St. Young Men doujinshi. I managed to get one.
(And yes, the manga is about Jesus and Buddha living together. Anyone wanna guess why this one will never EVER show up published in the States?)

A Dino/Squalo doujin by chabbo-445. This one is going to [livejournal.com profile] kajiba  because she is awesome.

Hage and Hariya did a collab doujin.

A Lussuria doujin working on the whole family gag  with Luss as the mother.

A Varia-centered anthology

Varia-centered doujin by Hage. This time as chibi insects.

XS doujin with Bester. I was dissapointed with this one though.

A lot of the popular circles like Angelica and Hage also gave out extras. Some people got custom bags if they bought so many doujins from that circle. I got one from Hage, it's this beautiful clear folder. The pic of Xanxus is a promo poster for the XS only event.

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I think I died and went to heaven when I got there. During the last Comic City, I wasn't into Reborn, but this time around was totally different. If I wasn't so tired from walking and just getting to and from Intex Osaka, I'd go on even further.

Being the XS fanatic I am, I immediately went for the Reborn section. AND OMG, THERE WERE SO MANY CIRCLES DOING XS. And the circles Hage and Chabo-445 were there too.  And now for some pics of the doujin I got since I couldn't take photos inside Comic City


And if anyone's asking for scans, I DO NOT have a scanner on me, and I do not want to lug all of them to Gaidai to scan them (let alone get some weird looks from the computer staff). I'll try to save up money in the summer for a scanner/printer since I gave my old crappy one away before I came up to Osaka. You'll have to deal with crappy photos in the mean time.

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I believe all the people on my f-list who enjoy Xanxus/Squalo will like this. So I was visiting the Shijo Animate store before I went to my shamisen class, and I came across these two beauties.
Doujinshis anyone? 8D )Been rather exhausted this week. And lugging back a shamisen from the train station is not fun. I didn't get back home until midnight Thursday. I had my bike, but it's not like a shamisen could fit in my bike basket and what not. 

I won't be around Saturday Japan time since I'm going on a tour of sorts in Kyoto with Chieko-sensei and the other Gaidai students who take lessons from her.

So I found out that the Yoshida Brothers' concert is on the same day as the field trip to see Takarazuka theater. Well, I 've seen it before and how often do you get to see the Yoshida Brothers perform live? So I might give my Takarazuka ticket to someone who's never seen it so they can enjoy it.
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In less than 24 hours, I'll be on that plane back to Hawaii. Now, I just have to get to the packing.

The recital went pretty well. Will get a link soon when other people post it on facebook. =w=;;;;

I'm pretty much have all of my doujinshis in my carry ons (my back pack and laptop bag). After all, I really don't want people to see it in when they check my check-in suitcase. =_=;;;;;

I'll take photos of all the stuff I'll give to people and doujinshis I found when I go back home. I think I'm gonna have to do some heavy cleaning in my room for some stuff. @_@

Watched the first "Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei" series and I downloaded the opening and closing themes. I find it so amusing that the ending song is like swing/jazz music, but the lyrics are morbid as hell. XD

I used my 5000 yen rebate from Softbank (my cellphone provider here in Japan) to get the KHR Vongole Festival. There's so much crack...My favorite portion is Squalo and Xanxus's rooms. There's nothing like throwing glasses at your subordinates. XD
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It's to freaking cold up here. D| Souji and I have the heater cranked in our room and there's actual temperature shock between our room and the hallway. XD

Since we had the day off yesterday, a trip to Den Den Town was in order. I should not be allowed in Animate and K's Books  or else my wallet will DIE. I'm already Animate's bitch as it is. It didn't help that K's Books had a whole row of doujinshis devoted to KHR. 2 Xanxus/Squalo doujinshis, a 25 year old!Lambo/Reborn one, and a Yama/Goku doujin. Granted there wasn't much pron, they had wonderful art and plot. (What? Buying doujins for plot??? The world's gonna end! XD ) Besides, if I do want pron, there's always the KHR kink meme, y!gallery, and drawing it myself.

A friend told me that Kyoto has a huge open air market going on the 21st of every month and there's a good chance I can find a shamisen there. I might have to ask Dad for the money though for it. =_=;;; (Better cut back on the doujin buying.)

Oh and I recieved a package from Mom on Monday. 4 cans of spam, 3 bags of mac nuts, a large jar of peanut butter, a jar of strawberry and guava jelly, and a bag of goldfish crackers for the win. X3

And now I just wait for people to finish up their morning classes, have lunch, and dread the afternoon classes. |D

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I'm finally done with my monthly projects for Org-Infinity. *facedesk* I stayed up to 6 am today to get the Halloween done. =3= I admit it was fun despite the time crunch. Now, I can work on my character sheets for Wielders of Ruin and maybe Arx Fatalis.

I got to see Chieko sensei today, so I was very happy today. Well, not as happy when I bought 3 Hitman Reborn doujinshis at Animate. *is shot*

There's no classes tomorrow since it's clean up day from the International Festival (aka INFES) this weekend. I could use a break after everything. Plus, I've been having the sniffles lately, but nothing serious. It's getting colder up here, as well as dry. Well better than raining constantly, I suppose.

As for Halloween, I'm waiting for people to post up pics from the Seminar House party for my pics. (Yay for Uke Cat Boy with a sign that says "Adopt Me Please" and "I'm looking for a good master" (the latter in Japanese) xD )

And on another note, Green Apple chuhais are awesome. XD

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