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The weekend trip to my grandparents' home went very well. Took 3.5 hours to get there via bullet train and rental car. Dad took me around the area, even up the tip of the Noto penisula. My grandparents live in Anamizu, though it's pretty far off from the main city since they're rice farmers. Managed to get lots of sleep too since everything is pitch black when the sun sets. I has photos and stuff, but I will post them later. And if I forget, you're more than welcome to yell at me. XD

Finished all my business with Gaidai. Just have to cancel my phone contract now. (Seriously, you'd think in a town where there's a lot of foreigners, there would be more locals who can speak some English...But most times, I have to tell them, "I'm a study abroad student. Could you explain it in easier terms, please? I feel like such an idiot since I still can't understand keigo...)

)Well, I had to send another box home today. It was mostly my textbooks and my laptop bag because my shamisen's going to be one of my carry-on luggage. Seriously, do you think I'd trust the lugguage people with it? You could probably paste the entire case with "FRAGILE" stickers and they still would toss it like it's indestrucible or something.

Also had arrangements to have my check-in baggage sent to the airport. So I just have to pick them up once I get to the airport. So basically, all that's left is to do some laundry work and last minute stuff to pack.

Seeing my shamisen teacher tomorrow and staying over at friend's place for the last time.

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Meh, just before I study a bit, I just felt like posting.

Forgive for sound like a broken record to all my RP buddies, but I freaking love you guys. We finally have a full Varia cast (okay Gola Mosca doesn't count, alright?)!  And soon they'll be on the ship together. Still need to do a second post for Spanner, it might be up tomorrow or later this week.

I wasn't feeling too good Friday night, but I ended up pulling an all nighter planning stuff with Dani. There was a field trip to Fushimi Inari for Japanese Religion, but I still wasn't in the clear. But I'm fine right now, so don't worry. And damnit, I don't even want to think about that class. Okay, I like the class, but the fact I have to interview a Japanese person on their thoughts on religion and turn in a quick summery of it by this week? Do not want. =A=

I found the Dissidia: Final Fantasy soundtrack. 50 tracks of epic music on two discs.

And it looks like I'm going to see Takarazuka theater agian this semester. This time, it's gonna be Zorro. *w* There's really something I like about it. Maybe I'm just a musical nerd like that.

Don't worry guys, I'm feeling a lot better about the whole issue between me and my dad. Thanks for your support!
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FINALS. A permanent "DONOTWANT" item.

I also got accepted to play Spanner from KHR in an RP. IOW, I'm now the second residential pedobear weebo of the characters. XD I'm seriously having a blast, despite studying for finals and what not, and I'm already planning to apply for another character.

Gotta print out some photos for Ojii-chan and Obaachan. Not to mention actually call them. Now, they're the nicest people, but I'm just terrified when I'm calling them. Not only are they quite elderly, but I can't understand a single thing they say due to their dialect. (Must ask Mom to give me a crash course on it.) Also have to call Dad. I'm pretty sure he would like to know about the shamisen recital.

Shamisen recital is next week Sunday. I'm only playing one song, but geez, I'm a total wreck about it. Still can't play the last few lines. I'll be leaving Japan for the winter break the next day. D8

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