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Meh, still having the same fall out with MM.  Or maybe it's just roleplaying in general. I feel like I somehow lost it. Like, it's no longer enjoyable like before. Maybe it's because I put the most of my rp self into Xanxus that when I dropped him, everything fell apart. But let's face it, I (unintentionally) made him OOC, didn't make any progress about that,  and people were getting sick of it. I'm sure I made some people happy by doing them a favor by dropping him.

I don't even feel like putting Keroro back on, even though I'm updating myself with the canon. Hell, I managed to grab my hands on all the opening and ending themes of the anime that were available. (That's 22 songs right there. Seriously, it's been 5 years since the anime started? Amazing!)

Dissidia: Final Fantasy's coming to the states soon. *_* Yes, yes, I played a bit while I was in Japan, but I really do want this game. I love what they did to the characters of FF I to FF VI. Especially Firion (FF II) and Cecil (FFIV). Makes me wanna rp them, but I'm not confident enough to play them.

Working the weekend again. Last weekend was hell to the extreme, especially Friday. That weekend, there was a local concert known as KCCN's Birthday Bash, which happens every summer at Waikiki. We're fairly close to Waikiki (along with the Kahala and Kapahulu Zippy's), so we got a large portion of people returning from the concert. And this was just after 10pm, when the normal swing shift people end their shift. I ended up staying there until midnight as the register and that was not fun at all. All three Zippy's were packed. But at least that's over. D| Sunday, thankfully, was a nice decent shift.

Saturday, I went up to the North Shore/Old Haleiwa to help out our sister temple's bon dance. I'll have the photos up later. Mostly worked in the vendor's area, getting out the drink overs. My hands were completely numb from getting out the water bottles and canned drinks from the coolers lined with ice. At the end of the night, we sold out of a lot of things. The lanturn floating went very well since the weather was good, and the ocean wasn't too rough. (Seriously, the temple's right next to the beach. Talk about convinient.)

One more month until I go back to Oregon for school. Crap, I still need to more studying and stuff. orz

Today, I had to go to my mom's highschool and help out with stuff before they start classes. She's got tendonitis in her right shoulder, so she can't lift heavy stuff. (Luckily, she's getting therapy for that.) So I had to move some of the computers in the library and also changed their wallpapers. Seriously, DOE, fuck you for blocking places like DA, LJ and domains where people put most of their pics up. :| But hey, there's K-On, KHR, Keroro Gunso, and even Chi's Sweet Home wallpapers on those comps. XD
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Meh, just before I study a bit, I just felt like posting.

Forgive for sound like a broken record to all my RP buddies, but I freaking love you guys. We finally have a full Varia cast (okay Gola Mosca doesn't count, alright?)!  And soon they'll be on the ship together. Still need to do a second post for Spanner, it might be up tomorrow or later this week.

I wasn't feeling too good Friday night, but I ended up pulling an all nighter planning stuff with Dani. There was a field trip to Fushimi Inari for Japanese Religion, but I still wasn't in the clear. But I'm fine right now, so don't worry. And damnit, I don't even want to think about that class. Okay, I like the class, but the fact I have to interview a Japanese person on their thoughts on religion and turn in a quick summery of it by this week? Do not want. =A=

I found the Dissidia: Final Fantasy soundtrack. 50 tracks of epic music on two discs.

And it looks like I'm going to see Takarazuka theater agian this semester. This time, it's gonna be Zorro. *w* There's really something I like about it. Maybe I'm just a musical nerd like that.

Don't worry guys, I'm feeling a lot better about the whole issue between me and my dad. Thanks for your support!
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Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

From [livejournal.com profile] nickelodeon 

5 Things Meme Answers )

Been listening to the Dissidia: Final Fantasy soundtrack via youtube lately. DO WANT. *A*

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