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DeviantART is allowing TRACING now.

You know, DA, I think the only reason why I'm still on your website is because of all the awesome friends I've made and all the inspirational artists I've been watching. But with this new rule, you just fucking made art theft ethical. I  hope you're proud of yourself.

I know some people have learned their art technique via tracing, but it should NEVER be through DIRECT FUCKING TRACING. Yes, I used previous art to draw my characters, but I used them as REFERENCE ONLY.

Why should I accept some brat's art that was clearly traced from a screenshot, a photo, or my even my own work and they get all the fucking credit when some of us actually pour our blood, sweat, tears, and love into our own work?

I don't know if this rule was created by someone who doesn't think fanart should be considered fanart, but I don't care. Regardless if the subject matter is original or not, it's still art.

Granted, I know I'm just a micro speck in the DA community, but if tracing is going to be considered as a learning tool, put the damn drawings in "scraps", tag it as traced, give the reference fucking credit and don't even think about making it a print. Or better yet, DON'T FUCKING POST IT.

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Today's the last day of freedom. Yep, I start school tomorrow. DX Gods, that means studying for the AP exams. Well, at least I have 20th century literature, Philosophy, Wind Ensemble, and Digital Media Design to look forward too.

Finished Pacific University's application. Now I'm looking into to scholarships. Gods, I hate this crap...*dies at the computer*

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Ooh, I've been slacking off with drawings. It's not like I forgot my comissions. I just tend to get nervous when it comes to posting them b/c I feel they may not be to their liking. And my perfectionist side gets the best of me. -_-
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More Xiaolin Showdown yaoi RP-ness! XD
Why Hakuno and Taru never get any Quiet Time (Part 2) )
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The XS RP on Gaia...is doing fine. Except I just recieved this profile and...well, just take a look.

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666 hits on my gallery today! W007!!!111 XD *brings out the sake*
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Yep, I start school tomorrow. Luckily, I just have some last minute packing and I can just cruise tonight. Oh wait, I just need to finish the last chapter of The Picture of Dorian Gray...At least I can say I read it over the summer.

Jack-Spicer666 on deviantART is super cool. Ever since we drew each other characters (Me drawing Taru and him drawing Hakuno), we've been having these really messed up yaoi RPs. XD

Why Taru and Hakuno never get any quiet time )

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