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Well, the first week of spring semester's gone. So far, not too bad. There's a lot more reading that usual since I'm taking Medieval History and Japanese Modern Narrative.  Regardless, I have classes with professors I'm familiar with and have fun....sort of. Capstone/Thesis is just going to kick my ass again. Maruki is hoping to have it done before Spring Break. That would help out a lot since school's even more busy due to dance practices and the actual luau night.

I'm still debating about going to Sakura Con because I do want to go, but I'm not sure if my schedule will allow me to do so. OTL

Might have to go into Portland tomorrow to Powell's Books to see if I can get the rest of my texts at a cheaper price. There's four books for history, and three for Narative, but I got the texts needed now for this and next weeks' assignments. Still, it never hurts to read ahead.

Also, I think I managed to destroy my external hard drive, Tsugaru. I'm having the tech people on campus take a look at it. They said there might be a small chance of recovering all my files, but they'll take a better look over the weekend. So yeah, they have my laptop as well, therefore my internet usage/twitter will be limited. Maybe it's for the best for now so I can focus more. I just my laptop back soon.
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Everyone on my f-list who reads this and particularly cares will make a post in their own journal (OR JUST COMMENT HERE) with things they want for Christmas. This includes at least:

* One item over a hundred dollars
* Two items between fifty and one hundred dollars
* Three items between twenty and fifty dollars
* Three items below twenty dollars
* Three things that can be done relatively cheaply.
* Your address (if it requires sending via mail. You can contact me privately with this.)

One item over a hundred dollars: New laptop. But I'm going to buy a new one soon since it sounds like my old laptop finally died. *hugs it*

Two items between fifty and one hundred dollars: The Keroro Gunso/Sgt. Frog DVD pack. I'm convinced the dub's good since I watched a few episodes yesterday. The Bester anthology I was on Ebi-TEN's website. I'm a fan of the liger, alright?

Three items between twenty and fifty dollars: Keroro Gunso models (Keroro ones), a beginner friendly Gundam model I can use as a prop for my human!Keroro cosplay, and shoes for said cosplay (something green and white)

Three items below twenty dollars:
Saint Young Men volume 3, Keroro Gunso vol.?? (the one with Angol Fear), and a back issue from the magazine ImagineFX.

Three things that can be done relatively cheaply:
Fanart and fanfics of my fandoms: Keroro Gunso, KHR, Hetalia and others. You're allowed to inquire me about pairings and stuff.
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