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So I managed to get my hands on KHR Volume 24 today between classes. Posted up some photos on the KHR community if you haven't seen them yet. I love Amano's colored works and I'm curious about her techniques. I wonder why she hasn't created an artbook yet.

Had only a midterm paper and quiz for Hester's "Onna to Otoko" class, which talks about gender and sexuality in Japan. I barely got it done before class started. But better turnining it in and getting a bad grade than not turning it in at all, right? But argh, I swear I'll never do that again.

I was planning to come straight home after classes, but I tagged along with Runa and Chelsey to Hirakata station-side. (I still laugh when Runa calls Hirakata the New Jersey of Osaka. Then again, her host family's in Kuzuha, home to the Kuzuha Mall and what not, so can't say I blame her though. XD)

Had a good parfait since I hadn't one in ages. While we were at the park near city hall, Runa and I saw two elderly women taking care of some stray cats. Got a chance to even pet them. It's so sad that Japan has a lot of strays when they're really sweet. Had a nice chat with the ladies too.

The Japanese school started around Thursday, so it's going to be crowded at   Gaidai from now. But it'll be nice to see some fresh faces on campus.Got my registration stuff done this week. I might be mentoring a low level Japanese class next semester. Should be interesting, plus it might serve as teaching experience; especially if I want do a program like JET in the future.  Will be taking a drawing class (because you can never learn enough techniques in art), a fiction writing class (my English is failing since I've been up here), and Japanese 485 in the meantime.

Planning to go to Nipponbashi aka Den Den Town, the Osaka equivalent of Akihabara, tomorrow. I'm curious if the K-Books there will have a copy of a particular anthology I discovered while looking at some doujin circle websites. It's been a while since I been there. But don't worry, I don't plan to stay there all day.

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Note to self: Smack my friend when I see his face for showing me tvtropes. OMG why is that place is awesome and amusing when I realize I don't remember all of the vocab I need to know for my midterm?! The Katekyo Hitman Reborn page alone is just full of amusement.

I had a great time hanging out with Runa, this girl I met in my "Onna to Otoko" class. She lent me her copy of  "Kichiku Megane", a BL game. Ah, why did it have to be midterm week?!

Walked from Gaidai to the Hirakata station for lunch and some shopping at Animate. Finally decided to get that phone strap version of Xanxus's raccon tail/feather combo hair decoration. (Which I still don't understand why the hell he wears it...) It's currently homeless because knowing me, I'd probably start batting it around like some cat toy if I had it on my phone (though it would keep up with the Xanxus theme with the rest of charms).

Okay, I have a bit of an art bunny lurking in my head. A while back, I did a quick sketch of Squalo dressed as Sephiroth on Tegaki. And I was thinking of a "Final Fantasy REBORN" kind of series, as in characters dressed as various jobs, or dressed as FF characters. Y/N? I kinda blame the fact I got another figure from the Dissida: Final Fantasy Collective Arts series, this time Warrior of Light. (with all that cool armor), and that insanely cute doujinshi I found.

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Honestly, I think I'm one of people on everyone's f-list who constantly listens to shamisen music. I r such a dork, no?

Miki's being a shamisen dork *again* )

Comic City! )

Animate's Jump Fair 2009 )

And it's class registration season for my home university. LOL WHAT FUN. I mean, I'm glad I'll be back Oregon with awesome people, but the idea of doing this stuff is like argh. Since most of my stuff for my Japanese major is done, it's elective timez. The art classes I want to take all happen at the same time. WTF. I'm debating whether to take "Intro to Digital Imaging" or "Drawing I" since either way I know I need to take a refresher course on either subject. Possibly might take a writing fiction class because I realize how rusty I am at it. Either way, I emailed Maruki-sensei about it and hopefully he can be some help(????)

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I had no idea M-Flo and Monkey Majik did a collab song. *A* When I go to Kyoto's Tower Record, I must hunt for that album. Strangely enough, I don't care for western rap, but I love J-rap, mainly M-Flo and Rhymester.

BTW, clases are great so far. They all seem so promising. I really do hope we go to Takarazuka theater again this semester. Oh and then there's Comic City in March. *A*

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Okay, so I came back to Pacific at around 11:30 last night and today was the beginning of the month long "Winter III" term. Basically, a course is condesed into 3 hour sessions over the weekend for a month. The class I registered for is "The Cinema of Alfred Hitchcock". And there's a group project for each of Hitchcock's famous films; I got "The Birds" which I watched before. Best thing is for the next few classes we get to screen some of Hitchcock's movies. I wouldn't say it's gonna be a seriously cruise class, but it will keep me from getting bored.

The one thing I hate about college is the lack time to draw and write stuff. But I'm thinking up of a schedule to fit things better. I feel kind of bad that I'm abandoning the XS fandom in many ways, but I also want to combine some stuff from the other fandoms I gained so far...
Maybe Hollow Ichigo versus Chase Young?? Or maybe Chase against Byakuya? XD Hell, I'd like to see Chase go into a verbal war with Yuuko.

Resolutions for 07  Things to Do in '07
  1. Go to the gym 3 times a week (Damn you, Hawaii Club Luau. XD)
  2. Actually finish up on character designs
  3. Do some fanart or maybe a drabble
  4. Get some frickin' scholarships...T^T

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