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Classes, Workstudy, and...a dead tablet? )

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All I can say is...wow.
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Bored Miki is bored and can't bring self to RP to fullest today. So first off...

Also, will be working today, Thursday and practically the entire weekend. On Saturday, I'll be at Haleiwa on the North Shore side of the island to help out with the bon dance (aka Bon Matsuri). Will take photos, but since it'll be night time, they will be on the lower quality side since I have the worse luck with night shots.

Been thinking about what to do after I graduate. There's a good chance I'll be doing the JET program and going back to Japan for a year, but I'm rather conflicted about seriously going or not. I'll have to talk to my Mom's friend who's works with the program for the Japan consulate here.

Also, I got my hands on a 1 TB external hard drive yesterday. I haven't put everything into it yet, but at least I have more space for my laptop. Been also listening to lots of Vocaloid songs since last night too. WTF, self, WTF.

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Taken from [personal profile] ranty_rie 

RP Meme!

Ask me a question about my roleplaying characters in context of the game. It can be any question, about relationships, history, plans, what they're doing right now, romance, what they want to do, their favorite comfort foods, anything. It just has to be about the character in game context. I will do my best to answer the question in as much detail as possible.

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Thursday was my usual shamisen lesson day. This time however, I stayed in Kyoto overnight. You see, the Gaidai students who also take shamisen lessons from Chieko-sensei moved to a small house this month. They're lucky since they get to stay in Japan the entire summer, so they moved from the Seminar Houses to this new place. It's small, but not cramped at all. Woke 8 am the next day and took the train back to the station where I parked my bike, went back home to freshen up, and then to class. Can I say long day was seriously fucking long?

I've been watching Yakitate Japan last night. I watched the first 10 eps, and have the next five ready for me to watch. I even had to eat a piece of toast because it made me want to eat bread that badly.  Also watched Sengoku Basara and 07-ghost as well.
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Well, since I'm waiting for the newest Sengoku Basara episode to air, let's kill some time by doing a meme! :D

Gaked from [livejournal.com profile] kageisuke 
Bored Miki's bored AGAIN. )

Hm...maybe I should also watch episode 2 of Pandora Hearts. I did watch the first episodes of BASARA, 07-Ghost and Pandora Hearts. All of them seem very promising. I hope I won't be dissapointed! I just wish they aired a bit earlier, like 11pm or something and not at 1am. B/

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1. Post these rules.
2. Each tagged person must post 8 things about themselves on their journal.
3. I might just add stuff as I go since I'm really bored.

1.First anime I ever watched: Sailor Moon, but my first fandom was Digimon season 1. (And for the record the first fandom I slashed was Lord of the Rings)

2. Even though I do drawing, I do writing as well. I have to sincerely thank Lois Ann Yamanaka, a local writer who runs a wonderful writing class for being such a huge encouragment to my creative side of life. Honestly, I would've gone for my university's creative writing program, but it's a bitch and a half to get in, let alone fit with my schedule.

3. On the subject of writing, I haven't done fanfiction since middle school. Okay, I did one as a gift fic as part of the MM secret santa project. Maybe it's because I tend to be harsh on myself on stuff like if I'm characterizing a certian character correctly or not. I know, I know, I shouldn't be doing that, but it happens.

4. To be honest, when I applied for colleges, I really wanted to stay home and study at UH since they have such a strong Japanese program. But Mom convinced me to get off the rock and I am grateful for that. I met so many awesome there. Now, if they just keep their goddamn tuition down, everything will be good. =_=

5. Creme brulees, purin, chocolate and tonkotsu ramen are my weaknesses, food wise, along with pho, and korean food. (And I want some now!! I don't care which one it is, I just want some.)

6. I'm hoping to find a shamisen to call my own. I've been taking lessons from Chieko-sensei last semester and I plan to continue this semester too. I totally blame listening to songs from the Yoshida Brothers for getting me hooked onto the shamisen.

7.I'd like to visit Europe before I die. Yes Japan is wonderful, but I want to see what the other-other side of the world is like. Plus I want to see some magnificent artwork. *A*

8. Art-wise, I'm mostly self-taught. I took art classes during elementary school, high school and a few in college, but I don't think it had much impact save for perspective drawing. I would like to draw more in the traditional media and actually use my copic markers. And if I learned painting, I could be able to apply it to digital painting. Sometimes, I feel like a total noob when I look at other people's art. D|
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The List )

I caved in, and decided to write down this list. I just like writing this down. Well, I have shamisen lesson, and it's a three day weekend. Squee~. Gives me time to write that request on the KHR kink meme I found. >3
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It's to freaking cold up here. D| Souji and I have the heater cranked in our room and there's actual temperature shock between our room and the hallway. XD

Since we had the day off yesterday, a trip to Den Den Town was in order. I should not be allowed in Animate and K's Books  or else my wallet will DIE. I'm already Animate's bitch as it is. It didn't help that K's Books had a whole row of doujinshis devoted to KHR. 2 Xanxus/Squalo doujinshis, a 25 year old!Lambo/Reborn one, and a Yama/Goku doujin. Granted there wasn't much pron, they had wonderful art and plot. (What? Buying doujins for plot??? The world's gonna end! XD ) Besides, if I do want pron, there's always the KHR kink meme, y!gallery, and drawing it myself.

A friend told me that Kyoto has a huge open air market going on the 21st of every month and there's a good chance I can find a shamisen there. I might have to ask Dad for the money though for it. =_=;;; (Better cut back on the doujin buying.)

Oh and I recieved a package from Mom on Monday. 4 cans of spam, 3 bags of mac nuts, a large jar of peanut butter, a jar of strawberry and guava jelly, and a bag of goldfish crackers for the win. X3

And now I just wait for people to finish up their morning classes, have lunch, and dread the afternoon classes. |D

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