May. 20th, 2011

kansaiphones: (Moyashimon: Because microbes are cute. :)
 Well, I'm surviving work and barely scraping by RP wise if you want the bare bones of it.

To everyone in my f-list who has graduated or already did this year, congratulations to you all!

I haven't bought a 3DS yet because there always something that comes up that I end up buying so I'm just saving up and just waiting until my b-day comes. Unless there's a 3DS bundle when Ocarina of Time is released, which is pretty much confirmed to not happen. I asked a guy at gamestop about it and But they might be doing something for a new Zelda game. So...wait, you're not gonna bundle a classic game that will definitely get fans buying it....oh well, their lost I guess. Well, that's assuming my DS can hang in there. It still works but I'm just worried about the screens. They're not falling apart to the degree of my old ones, but I have a feeling they're on their way if I'm not careful enough.
I did go to Kawaii Kon on that friday, but I somehow ended up missing some people, but I did get to see a few around too. Plus, I got a Keroro plushie. Remind me to cosplay him for next year's con.
Fandom wise, I recently began reading Berserk. So awesome and yet you really have to wonder what the hell goes through the manga-ka's mind sometimes. I also need to catch up with Gokaiger and Tiger & Bunny.

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