kansaiphones: (Chi's Sweet Home: KITA~!)
Miki ([personal profile] kansaiphones) wrote2012-01-05 03:49 pm
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Well, time to break in the new journal!

Hey guys, it's Miki.

Yeah, I joined in on the exodus from LJ, go figure. However, because I know there are still people who are using LJ and unaware that I moved, I'm crossposting it to my original account [livejournal.com profile] sanzo_holic

Right now I'm just poking my head in here just to say I'm alive and what not.

If you guys ever need to contact me, there's a good chance I f-locked my stuff like Plurk so send me a headups so I won't accidentallly reject you because I have no idea who's adding me.

How to Contact a Miki
[Bad username or site: kansaiphones @ plurk.com> AIM: Yamiryu7 <user name=]
[livejournal.com profile] sanzo_holic

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