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Miki ([personal profile] kansaiphones) wrote2011-12-05 08:57 pm

Uhh...hi guys? /cricket chirp

Well shit, I haven't update this place since JULY?! Whoops.

So um, I've been surviving work and I made it back from my one week in China back in October.

Honestly, I did need a trip like that. Not only did it help me from over-raging due to work but I think going on that pilgrimage helped to calm me down. It happened at Mt. Jihua, about 6 hours west from Shanghai via bus. It was a group of 40 from the same temple my mom and I go to. Our sensei was supposed to come but she fell sick and insisted we should go regardless. We basically did a lot of temple hopping. I took a lot of photos but I've yet to sort through all....600+ photos I took. Yeah, I basically  TOOK ALL PICTURES.

Some of the temples were up on mountain faces so there were many steps to climb up. To get to the last one, we had to take a cable car up to one of the peaks. Although it wasn't the highest, it's considered the most significant spiritually. It's said one of Jizou's avatars attained enlightenment there after standing in one spot for many days. Because our temple puts Jizou as our patron bodhisattva, we had a small service there. And even though many people had cried when visiting  the temples, it was here I just barely recited because I was just crying. I wrote down all the details in my sketchbook but I'll save that for another day.

So yeah, been surviving work, been introduced to new fandoms like Gambling Apocalypse Kaiji, thanks to RP. 

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