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Miki ([personal profile] kansaiphones) wrote2010-05-12 01:59 am
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Been a while since I updated

Blame it on the fact school has been kicking my ass without mercy. It's hard to believe finals are just around the corner and then BOOM, graduation. I'm relieved that it's almost over but at the same time, I'm scared as fuck about what to do. As of now, I guess I'll go back to my summer job while I look for better ones. Just turned in my main history paper and let's just say I hate Chicago format. I still love learning history, but don't ever expect to write a paper in that format ever again.  Now to work on a take-home exam plus an oral presentation, a 10 page paper about Akutagawa Ryuunosuke's "Hell Screen" and comparing it to "Mononoke", and studying for my history exam.

Ended up watching the new Evangelion movie. As pretty as it was, I can only agree that series is just messed up. But Ghost in the Shell takes the freaking cake in sheer WTF at times. And people wonder why I don't watch much sci-fi anime. On top of that, reading the articles about those two are just aggravating and makes me believe they are so over-rated.

Many of the articles focus on older anime and manga, but not so much on more modern ones. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I hate older series, but those who write the articles don't seem to expand anything beyond early 1990s. I will give points to anyone who can write a paper about Durarara. My professor feels the same way, but then again, his knowledge of anime is rather limited, so that's a problem. Not to mention, my English fails me every time on paper and I suck at analysis a times.

April was semi chaotic to say the least. Luau kicked ass this year, being the 50th and also my senior one.  I might actually get one of those LED poi balls later. They're pretty fun to spin around once you get over the initial fear of being smacked by a plastic ball going at a high speed. |D

Just need to finish my conclusion, do some quick revisions and I'm done with my thesis. I don't know if anyone is interested in learning about shamisens or not, but if you're ever curious, I could summarize it in English.

Fandoms: Yeah, I caved into Doctor Who. I heard from people on Twitter about it, so I decided, hey, why not watch it since it's a new Doctor. Let's just say I'm beginning to understand why it's so popular. Maybe if I ever have the time, I'll watch some previous ones. Keyword is maybe.

You'd think with finals and being the last month of the school year that I wouldn't be able to watch stuff, but I still keep watching Big Bang Theory and I finished "Samurai Sentai Shinkenger" and "Kamen Rider Den-O". I'm currently watching Go-onger because of the awesome crossover they did with Shinkenger. Next on my list might be Kamen Rider Kiva.

Anyways, I think I'm going back to write my thesis conclusion and then head to bed. 

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