kansaiphones: (Chi's Sweet Home: KITA~!)
Miki ([personal profile] kansaiphones) wrote2010-03-21 11:53 pm

Spring Break


I couldn't help it. Gold/Silver was my favorite generation of Pokemon. Working on meeting Morty, the fourth gym leader, right now, so lots of level grinding before anything else.  Been using my Pokewalker too, but it's more like my roommate's abusing it for her own entertainment. I'm very pleased with this remake, save for the fast leveling and egg producing when it comes to the day care. Seriously, I leave my Eevees there for maybe less than five minutes and they churned out 3 eggs while I was gone.

Well aside from the gaming, I'm trying to get other stuff done too. Mostly thesis and other papers. The next two weeks are gonna kill me. It's mostly because I ended being part of the luau show preview which is a week before the actual luau. And during these two weeks, there will be night rehearsals too. Let's hope I get some homework done during the rehearsals. Also got to get some drawings done for people. On a random note, I've the urge to visit the Oregon Zoo. I guess it would be nice to have animal references if I ever draw them.

First off, I want to appologize to people who said I was going to Sakuracon because I will not be able to go due to money constraints and other shit going on.  I really wanted to go but I messed up on pre-reg, trying to get a ride up and a room. I'm really sorry guys. D:

And if things get too hectic for the next two weeks, I'll probably call a hiatus.

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