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Been meaning to update here earlier...

Well, things have been rather hectic and at the same time rather mundane lately. This year's luau is the University's 50th, and my last luau up here. Not only will I have to help out setting up for the University's biggest event of the year, I'll be performing in it too. There's the Seniors dance since, well, I'm a senior. There's also poi balls, both a traditional and a modern number. Look it up on google or youtube and you can see it looks almost like raving since it's spinning these balls tied to a cord in patterns similar to raving. Having a lot of fun with the two, but since we're using LED poi balls that change colors at intervals for the modern number since we'll be performing in the dark. Getting whacked in the head with one of those things will not be fun. Can't believe I'm going to graduate soon. It's pretty terrifying, to be honest. The last dance is a new addition just known as Japanese dance. We'll be doing Soran Bushi and Sukiyaki (Ue wo Muite Aruku). I'm looking forward to this year's.

Spring break's coming up in two weeks, but not exactly sure what I'll be doing. After all, it's pointless to go back to Hawaii for just a week. If anything, I'll be working on finishing my thesis. After this chapter that I'm working on, one more and then just the conclusion.

By the end of  last week, I was burned out due to part of my history paper, a take home exam, and test that were almost back to back to each other. Well, at least that's over with. The only midterm I'll have to deal with next week will be my Medieval history class. It's been rather interesting so far. My history paper is about sainted women of the period. It's actually a fairly interesting topic, although it'll be challenging since the professor is also the head of the Gender Equality center and this is the time period she focused on.

Speaking of history class, it's bringing up the urge to try play a Hetalia character from this time period. But lately, I've been lacking confidence to play a fandom character. Still, I sent in my Keroro app to Island. Had to redo my sample, but I haven't heard back from them yet and yet a lot of people after me have been accepted. Either way, I'm looking forward to playing Keroro again hopefully.

On the note of fandoms, I got into Durarara!! . Whether or not you want to shoot me for this, go ahead. Which reminds me I need to watch Baccano as well.Though I have to wonder if my slash goggles are working or not because I just can't seem to ship Izaya and Shizuo. I just don't see it apparently and if I look at the fanart, I don't even respond. Strangely enough, I think Shizuo/Celty is more or less my OTP for this series for now.